2-Day Teen Film & Acting Camps

The 2-Day Filmmaking and Acting for Film Teen Camps held at the Academy’s campus in Battery Park in NYC offers for what many students is a dream experience. By spending two days in December when they are on holiday break or vacation fully committing themselves to the study of film or acting, students get to see and experience first-hand the many aspects of their chosen craft. In two short days, campers at NYFA often get bit by the acting or film “bug” and end up returning for a more extended stay in the summer or a weekend camp during the school year.

2-Day Film Camp

Learning the fundamentals of film in a mere two days might sound daunting, but the campers who enroll in the 2-Day Film Camp in NYC are not your normal teens. Living and breathing film, they find themselves behind the camera from day one and, over the course of two days, students gain experience in the many facets of filmmaking. They explore how to operate cameras, lighting and sound equipment, and become familiar with the essentials of the post-production process.

Once they become familiar with the tools of the trade, students will be split into crews and given a short open script to direct and edit individually that will be celebrated at a screening at the end of the camp. Taking on the roles of director, cinematographer, screenwriter, and assistant cameraperson, students not only gain experience behind the camera, but also act on-camera. They also serve as crewmembers on their fellow campers’ projects. In addition, they get the chance to shoot footage in the field around the Academy’s Battery Park campus in NYC.

The 2-Day Film Camp is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for local teens or students visiting the Big Apple on holiday or vacation who want a hands-on introduction in the fundamentals of filmmaking.

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2-Day Acting for Film Camp

From high school and community theatre productions to managing their own YouTube channels, many teens are getting into acting in new and exciting ways. The 2-Day Acting for Film Camp at NYFA’s Battery Park campus in NYC is an ideal outlet for both aspiring actors looking to gain on-camera experience and campers who have never acted before, but want to gain experience in a supportive and professional setting.

Over two days, students are introduced to the basics of Acting for Film, Scene Study, and Audition technique through in-class lectures that are each supplemented by acting workshops held both in and around our campus. The acting workshops are professionally filmed and then screened for instructors and campers to critique each other’s performances. Students that enroll in the two-day camp join an international group of students who are either from NYC or visiting on holiday, creating a diverse and positive environment that is ideal for helping campers to cultivate their inner actor.

Upon the completion of the camp, NYFA staff edits the footage shot during the camp and sends it to each camper afterwards. Students who successfully complete the camp receive a New York Film Academy Certificate.

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Please note that dates, curriculum, and prices are subject to change.