The New York Film Academy will be conducting all camps online for summer 2020. To view all camps and workshops offered, please click here. We are looking forward to providing a wonderful online summer experience for all of you.

Online Acting for Teens


Our Online Acting Workshops are designed to help teens develop the skills needed to compete in the contemporary world of acting. They are interactive, creative programs consisting of three one-week modules. Students may enroll in all three modules or select to complete individual modules (students are not required to complete one module to attend the next).

Schedule Options

There are two schedule options:

Option 1:
• 3-Weeks
• Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. ET
• One module is completed over a single week


Option 2:
• 9-Weeks
• Saturday at 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. ET
• One module is completed over three consecutive Saturdays

Module One: Monologues
In the first module, students will learn how to bring a monologue to life. They will be instructed and will practice how to truthfully act under imaginary circumstances with thoughtful, playful, and surprising choices that will keep an audience engaged. 

Module Two: Fundamentals of TV & Film Auditions
In the second module, students will focus on the fundamentals of crafting material for on camera TV and Film auditions, so that they can create unique, compelling auditions that showcase their strengths as an actor. They will also learn what to expect and how to successfully perform in a professional audition setting.

Module Three: Exploring Forms of New Media
In module three, student actors will explore forms of new media including: web series, online videos, and sketches – information that has become more and more valuable to actors over the last decade. Students will explore writing and shooting their own work with materials that are available to them at very low cost. The class will culminate in a sharing of self-written and produced short videos.

Tuition & Dates

Tuition: $250 (USD) per module


Module One: Monologues

Module Two: Fundamentals of TV & Film Auditions

Module Three: Exploring Forms of New Media