Online Summer Camps:
3D Animation for Teens

Application and payment deadline is at 4:00 p.m. EST the Thursday before the start of the program. Individuals who apply and/or pay past the deadline may be admitted on a case by case basis but may also experience a delay in receiving the necessary information to join the first class.

Camp Durations

  • 4-Week

Camp Schedules

  • Classes are scheduled daily, Monday-Friday.
  • Students meet 4-hours per day at 11:30 am – 1:30 pm ET and 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET


  • Windows or Mac laptop or desktop, preferably no older than four five years, with a minimum of 8GB of RAM, 16GB preferred
  • External mouse with right, left, and center click options
  • You will be downloading a few free/discounted educational softwares for this program.  Your instructor/camps director will reach out to you in the few days leading up to the program with specific instructions on how to download these programs.  *Please do not try to download software in advance.


At the New York Film Academy, we pride ourselves on being the premiere hands on 3D animation camp for Teens. During our three and four-week camps students engage with Disney’s 12 principles of animation. And learn how to bring their own original creations to life. 

 Students learn fundamental methods of modeling and animation etc. through simple exercises using industry-standard animation software. They explore the wonderful 3D world as they tell their story. Characters pitch a ball, swing a hammer, squash and stretch characters. Our motto is: Learn through doing and at NYFA story is King (or Queen)!

Students develop and write stories and scenes using a character’s relationship with conflict and resolution. Then they’re ready to put the creative aspects of story development into action through 3D animation. At the end of the course, students celebrate their movies with a screening open to friends and family.

4-Week Teen 3D Animation Camp – Online

  • Tuition: $2,600 (USD)
  • Camp Hours: 40 sessions, total 80 hours
  • Campers will leave the program with:
    • A 60 second rendered movie of a story, featuring modeling, rigging, lighting, materials, animation and sound.

Class Descriptions

Screenwriting – In this class, campers will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of effective storytelling, including story structure and character development. 

Modeling – Campers create a bipedal character and props for a scene. 

Rigging – Campers create basic joints and controllers to move and animate the character. 

Lighting – Using industry standard lighting and rendering software ‘Arnold,’ campers will texture and light their character and scene. 

Animation – Using Disney’s principles, campers will animate the character to tell the story.


4-Week Teen Online AnimationDates:

Jun 26, 2023 – Jul 21, 2023

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