Summer camps for 2021 are currently being planned for both in-person and online options. However, due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, NYFA will be unable to offer housing for in-person teen camps. Families will need to secure their own housing for campers and provide any necessary off-campus supervision, if traveling to a NYFA teen summer camp from another city, state or country. All after-school and weekend camps will be conducted online, until further notice. To view all camps and workshops offered, please click here.

Online Summer Camps: Documentary (Micro Docs) for Teens

Application and payment deadline is at 4:00 p.m. EST the Thursday before the start of the program. Individuals who apply and/or pay past the deadline may be admitted on a case by case basis but may also experience a delay in receiving the necessary information to join the first class.

Camp Durations

  • 3-Week

Camp Schedules

  • Classes are scheduled daily, Monday-Friday.
  • Students meet 4-hours per day at 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.
  • You have the option to enroll in classes starting 10 a.m. Eastern Time or Pacific Time (both start time options are available through the application).


  • Smart phone with a camera
  • Filmic Pro app (additional student cost is approximately $14.99)
  • Month-long subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro (additional student cost is approximately $31.49)
  • Laptop or desktop computer with minimum specs for editing
  • Selfie Stick for use in Cinematography workshops

Suggested Resources

  • Microphone for smartphone (optional) may cost an additional $60-$150
  • External hard drive (optional) may cost an additional $30-$20


In NYFA’s Hands-Online Social Media Micro Docs Camps, students have the opportunity to learn a highly marketable and potentially world-changing skill set, even while social distancing. Students will learn the ins and outs of micro doc production and micro doc series production, as well as distribution optimization. Each will conceive, direct and edit their own original micro docs, optimized for social media distribution. 


Micro Docs (the very short documentaries seen daily in social media feeds) can reach a huge online audience. Some micro docs have done more to change the world than mass marches or even feature documentaries. In fact, they have become one of the most powerful change-making tools available. Other micro docs function as digital journalism, digital marketing or explainer videos. Their purpose can range from sharing impactful stories and taking viewers to amazing places, while others are created purely to spread positivity through the digital world.


The hands-on and online nature of the workshops create the perfect environment for learning to make micro docs. Instruction is live and interactive. Students have the chance to learn firsthand from award-winning filmmakers and under their guidance, will participate in hands-on production workshops without ever having to leave their homes. There will also be collaboration from their fellow classmates from across the globe during the development and pre production stages of their micro docs. No significant experience is assumed. The nature of the course makes it appropriate for students of all levels.


In the 3-Week Social Media Micro Docs Workshop, each student will learn the ins and out of micro doc production and will conceive, direct and edit two (2) micro docs, 1 to 5 minutes in length, optimized for social media distribution.


3-Week Teen Documentary (Micro Docs) Camp – Online

  • Tuition: $1,800 (USD)
  • Camp Hours: 30 sessions, total 60 hours
  • Campers will leave the program with:
    • 90 second micro doc optimized for social media distribution 
    • 90 second to 4 minute micro doc optimized for social media distribution

Class Descriptions

Directing the Social Media Micro Doc – Screen and analyze successful micro docs. Each student develops, directs, produces and edits their own original micro docs. Basic interview technique is introduced. Sources and use of 3rd party materials, and the unique needs of social media videos are also covered. One-on-one screening and feedback sessions. 

Documentary Storytelling – Introduces classic Elements of Narrative. Students use of these elements to identify stories hidden in real life and to structure the telling of those stories. Synchronous and asynchronous activities apply these principles to the development of the students’ own micro docs.

Cinematography for Smart Phones – The smart phone as camera; shooting with Filmic Pro; framing and composition; Intro to cinema verite style coverage; gear strategy. Classes are hands-on and include shooting assignments between classes.

Editing – The Premiere Pro; Basic Motion Control; Recording online interviews; Basic principles of editing; Supervised edit sessions featuring one-on-one editing support as needed.

Potential Master Classes – Successful Micro doc creators will be invited to give master classes in the 3rd week of the program. 

Screenings of Each Micro Doc – The 2nd, and 3rd Fridays will end with a group screening of that week’s micro doc and a virtual reception where we bring our own popcorn etc., and celebrate our achievements. In the final week, this includes a virtual graduation.

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