Online Photography for Teens


The Online Photography for Teens camps are interactive, creative modules designed to help teens develop the skills needed to in photography. They consist of 6 hour modules (three modules offered in this discipline) which can be completed either after school or on Saturdays. If teens are taking the module after school, each module runs for one week. Saturday programs, each module run for four consecutive Saturdays.  Students may enroll in all three modules or select and complete individual modules (students are not required to complete one module to attend the next).

Schedule Options


• Four consecutive Saturdays for each module
• Saturday at 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m EST

Tuition: $300 USD for each module

Module One: iPhoneography Basics
Learn the basics of iPhoneography, from composition, and controlling exposure, to editing techniques that will help bring out the best in your images.   Native capture software as well as third party software will be taught.

Module Two: iPhoneography – Food/Still life
In this module students will learn tips and tricks to making food and still life images stand out in a crowd.  Using simple household items to facilitate set ups and lighting.  Your followers will get hungry just looking at your images.

Module Three: iPhoneography – Portraits and Selfies
In the third module, students will learn posing and lighting techniques for portraits and selfies.  Learning both classical as well as modern ideas. Attention will be given to editing techniques and composition to strengthen the images.




Programs will recommence in September 2021. New dates will be published soon.

* These programs may combine age groups