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New York Film Academy is conducting Virtual Auditions and Virtual Portfolio Reviews for applicants wanting to enroll in our long-term programs.

Our Auditions & Portfolio Reviews offer applicants an opportunity to demonstrate their talents for consideration and acceptance into the program and to assess their eligibility for grants or scholarships.

If you have applied to any of these programs, you should schedule an Audition or Portfolio Review: Auditions and Portfolios Reviews are not required for most of our short-term or online workshops.

To schedule a session, please complete the form. A NYFA representative will contact you to confirm the date and time.


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By submitting this form, you give New York Film Academy your consent to contact you regarding our educational services using email, text or telephone. Msg. & data rates may apply. Please note, you are not required to provide this consent to learn more about NYFA or to enroll in our programs, we invite you to contact us directly at: +1-212-674-4300 and speak with a representative.

Audition Requirements

Acting Audition Requirements:
Please prepare two contemporary, contrasting 60-90 second monologues from a published contemporary English language play or screenplay.

Musical Theatre Audition Requirements:
Please prepare two contrasting musical theatre songs and one contemporary monologue from an American play (each piece should be approximately 60-90 seconds in length).


Creative samples can be accepted in various stages of development, or as completed work. Examples of work can range from drawings, conceptual illustrations, short films, screenplays, poetry, short stories, storyboards, designs, photographs, three-dimensional models, or digitally generated images. See our website for more details.

***Auditions are required for acceptance for some programs in Acting for Film and Musical Theatre. Talent Based Tuition Awards are for long-term Acting and Musical Theatre Programs. Portfolio Reviews are for long-term programs in Filmmaking, Documentary Filmmaking, Media Studies, Photography, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Screenwriting, 3D Animation & VFX, and Game Design. Portfolio Reviews for Talent Based Tuition Awards are for Degree Programs only. Programs 1-year or longer are considered long-term programs. To audition or to have your portfolio reviewed for the New York Film Academy, individuals must submit a program application. There is a $75 (US dollars) application fee required.