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New York Film Academy in Istanbul, Turkey

Overview of New York Film Academy Istanbul


Istanbul is a fabulous city to live in and to shoot films. With its unique historical background, it has an authentic cultural center and is nestled in the cradle of civilization and trade that borders Europe to the West, Asia to the East, and Africa to the South. Istanbul contains epic architecture with the Hagia Sophia Museum -which is one of the new wonders of the World-, as well as natural wonders, such as the Bosphorus, which connects Asia to Europe. With its over 2500 year history and cosmopolitan population, this city has no equal with locations to shoot in and historical backgrounds. It is truly a film makers dream.

Istanbul Media Academy

Our programs will be held at the Istanbul Media Academy which is headquartered in a massive media production facility, totaling over 2000 square meters with the two main studios, a green box studio and state of the art post-production units as well as studios located on the Bosphorous.   Read more...


The New York Film Academy has an open enrollment. Serious students from all backgrounds are welcome to apply. No previous experience is required. However, all New York Film Academy Workshops are extremely intensive. Students who enroll should be prepared to live and breathe filmmaking during these workshops. Given the nature of filmmaking and the necessity of working in crews, students must be willing to devote themselves not only to their own projects, but to their classmates' projects as well. As space is limited, we recommend early application to guarantee a place in the workshop of your choice.


All courses are taught in English. However, interested students should take the opportunity to work on their conversational Turkish during the program. This will enrich their understanding and enjoyment of Turkey.


In the Hi-Def film workshops, each student writes, produces, directs, and digitally edits his or her own films, and rotates among crew positions when his or her classmates shoot. Students receive extensive hands-on experience as a result.

Final Screening & Portfolio

At the conclusion of the workshop, a screening of the students' final films is held. This provides a unique opportunity for family, friends, and cast to see the work students have produced. Students retain a digital master of their work to include in their portfolios. Each student, upon successful completion of the program, receives a diploma.

For more information please contact Istanbul Media Academy at +90 212 452 66 66 or

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