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NYFA Guest Speaker Series: Craig Caton

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Check out this interactive Q&A with NYFA Chair of Animation and VFX Craig Caton and NYFA instructor Eric Conner to learn about Caton’s decades of experience as a VFX artist on films such as Jurassic Park, Strange ...

NYFA Spotlight: Producing Unscripted TV

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Check out this spotlight on producing unscripted television with NYFA instructor Beth Bigler, as she navigates the world of unscripted TV production and explores the projects and skills you’ll develop in her unscripte...

NYFA Guest Speaker Series: Raph Koster

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For the inaugural Masters of Game Design guest speaker session, NYFA welcomed veteran game designer Raph Koster for a conversation with NYFA Game Design instructor Scott Rogers. Check out the Q&A to watch as Koste...

Rainer On Film, Episode 2: The 80s

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In the second episode of "Rainer On Film," New York Film Academy instructor Peter Rainer discusses film of the 1980s. He notes that this was a director-driven era that witnessed films failing financially, while major ...

Rainer On Film, Episode 1: The 60s and 70s

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In the debut episode of "Rainer On Film," New York Film Academy instructor Peter Rainer discusses film of the 1960s and '70s. The longtime film critic points to the war in Vietnam and other tragedies and anxieties of ...

NYFA Hour with Peter Rainer: 2017 Year in Review, Episode 38

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Peter Rainer is back to discuss some of his favorite films of the year including Faces Places, 13 Billboards, Call Me By Your Name, The Post, The Shape of Water, The Big Sick, The Phantom Thread, The Last Jedi, and Mo...

NYFA Hour with Peter Rainer “Some Like It Hot” Deep Dive, Episode 24

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Film critic Peter Rainer is back this week to help us wrap up Pride Month with one of the earliest queer representation in cinema Some Like it Hot. Starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Marilyn Monroe and directed by...

Instructor Igor Torgeson Reviews New York Film Academy’s Digital Editing School

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New York Film Academy Editing Instructor, Igor Torgeson discusses the philosophy behind NYFA's Digital Editing Programs.