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NYFA Hour with Peter Rainer: 20th Anniversary of LA Confidential, Episode 27

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Peter Rainer joins the NYFA Show crew in discussing the history and impact of LA Confidential on it's 20th Anniversary. Follow @PegahRad on Twitter! Follow @JoelleMonique on Twitter! Make sure to subscribe to P...

NYFA Hour with Peter Rainer: The Great Marlon Brando, Episode 19

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Welcome to the New York Film Academy Hour. If this is your first time joining us we’d like to introduce you to Peter Rainer one of the most prolific and exquisite reviewers of cinema alive today. His work has appeared...

NYFA Hour with Peter Rainer: The Art of Film Review, Episode 15

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Often quoted never duplicated Peter Rainer is a master of film critique. Having worked for major publications such as Vulture, Los Angeles Times, New York Magazine, and Christian Science Monitor. He joins host Pegah R...

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