1-Week Online Video Game Design Summer Camp for Kids

Learn How to Create a Video Game at NYFA

In the 1-Week Kids Game Summer Camp students get to create their own games via a fun and intensive exploration of digital game development. Students use the leading game engine program – Unity and get exposure to leading 2D art tools. All software used in the program is free for students. Kids learn the fundamental elements of the craft of game design – specifically prototyping, play testing, and iteration – by doing it themselves. They learn how to tell stories with playable systems and how to make engaging interaction loops and play mechanics. Course is taught by professional game developers and includes step by step tutorials.

Program Description

Camp Name: 1-Week Kids Game Design Camp – Online

Upon completion of the 1-Week summer game program, a graduation ceremony will be held that will include a showcase of the students’ work. Students leave the course with a small portfolio of projects including their own playable 2D game.

Class Descriptions

Game Design –​ Game types, platforms, player experience, prototyping and iteration.

Coding ​- Using Unity, students will create a 2D “Flappy Bird” style side-scroller (Unity is free for students).

Narrative Design –​ Concept & character development, object-oriented storytelling.

Art –​ Using art tools from industry, students create original 2D assets for their game (we will use art tools that are free for students).

Campers will leave the program with:

  • Playable digital game demo with original 2D assets

To learn more about NYFA’s camps, visit the NYFA Camp Brochure.


Students will need a computer capable of running the Unity game engine (click here for Unity Editor system requirements  -parents only need to worry about having a computer).

Unity Personal is free for students – click here to learn more.

For 2-Week program only:

  • Maya program (free trial version) – The Maya Free Trial version provides the software free for 30 days.
  • If students have a computer that meets the Unity System Requirements then they will be able to run Maya.


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