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What are NYFA International Pathway programs?
When should you enroll in an International Pathway Program?
International Pathways Requirements
What is the NYFA International Pathway Programs curriculum?

What are NYFA International Pathway programs?

International Pathway programs, also known as Global Pathways programs, are for international, non-native English speaking students who are interested in enrolling in New York Film Academy degree programs (bachelor’s or master’s). A Pathway student meets all admissions requirements for the NYFA degree, with the exception of the English requirements. It is a pathway to a NYFA degree.

The programs help students improve English language skills through community-based learning and will expose them to the U.S. college environment, as well as American culture and life on and around NYFA’s U.S. campuses. Students who successfully complete this program will earn academic credit toward their degree program.

Throughout the International Pathway Programs, you will:

  • Improve English proficiency to meet requirements for admission to NYFA degree programs
  • Gain experience with and exposure to American culture and college life
  • Earn academic credits to continue studies at NYFA.
NYFA’s International Pathway Program is an in-person, two-semester, highly-interactive program. The English language classes teach verbal and written English language skills, including academic reading, writing, and listening.

The programs are currently offered at NYFA’s campus in Los Angeles.

When should you enroll in an International Pathway Program?

NYFA’s International Student Pathway Programs serve as a bridge for students who wish to enroll in any of the following NYFA degree programs, but who do not yet meet the English proficiency requirement:

In order to continue into a NYFA degree or certificate program, all Pathway students must successfully pass all developmental English language courses and must complete the Pathway program with a cumulative grade point average in all transferable major discipline and Liberal Arts and Sciences courses equal to the GPA requirements of their intended NYFA degree program (for undergraduate: 2.0 GPA; for graduate: 3.0 GPA).

Academic credits through Pathway programs that are transferable to NYFA programs will vary by student results and program type.

For more information or if you wish to seek a degree in departments other than Filmmaking or Acting for Film, please connect with your admissions counselor or email our Pathway programs specialists at

International Pathways Requirements:

Requirements for the International Pathways programs are as follows:

  1. 1. You must meet the program-related admissions requirements:

    • For Bachelor of Arts program admissions requirements, click here.
    • For Bachelor of Fine Arts program admissions requirements, click here.
    • For Master of Arts program admissions requirements, click here.
    • For Master of Fine Arts program admissions requirements, click here.
  2. 2. Demonstrate a certain level of English skills based on a minimum TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo score. Minimum scores are:

    • Bachelor’s
      • TOEFL = 58 or above
      • IELTS = 4.5
      • Duolingo = 85-89
    • Master’s
      • TOEFL = 64 or above
      • IELTS = 5.0
      • Duolingo = 90 or above
If your English scores are below these numbers, alternative ESL programs are offered through The ESL School at NYFA.

What is the NYFA International Pathway Programs curriculum?

Pathway programs are composed of several developmental English language classes, with a complement of courses from the major disciplines. All students enroll in a prescribed program of developmental English classes while taking major courses appropriate to the program into which they will matriculate upon successful completion of the Pathway program.

Specifically, the developmental English language classes will address:

  • Academic Writing, Reading, and Vocabulary
  • Academic Listening and Speaking
  • Academic Presentations
  • Interactive Speaking and Academic Culture
  • Community-Based Language and Culture Practicum

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