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Broadcast Journalism School at the New York Film Academy

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow speaks at the New York Film Academy One-Year Broadcast Journalism students receive behind-the-scenes tours at NBC and Fox News NYFA Broadcast Journalism Graduate Joelle Garguilo is a digital journalist with NBC News

Broadcast Journalism School

NYFA's Broadcast Journalism Program is offered at our New York Campus only.

The camera is mightier than the sword

Broadcast Journalism School

The New York Film Academy's Broadcast Journalism School is dedicated to training the next generation of journalists for the realities of 21st century journalism. In the past few decades, the focus of journalism has shifted to become an increasingly visual medium. In the modern world, broadcast reporters and anchors are most people's primary source of news—making it a competitive and extremely rewarding profession.

Broadcast Journalism Graduate Joelle Garguilo

The New York Film Academy's Broadcast Journalism School was founded several years ago after being approached by NBC News. Like all of the New York Film Academy's programs, its broadcast journalism curriculum is built to meld academic learning with practical, hands-on training. NYFA is continually considered a leading broadcast journalism school due to its emphasis on the professional mix of skills that will allow students to succeed long after they leave the Academy. Our instructors' work has been seen on platforms as diverse as ABC World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News, as well as Vice and the New York Times video website.

New York Film Academy broadcast journalism students will be challenged to be resourceful digital reporters who can handle every aspect of covering a story. The Broadcast Journalism School at NYFA's New York City location affords young reporters a huge variety of professional options. Not only are there almost limitless stories to cover in New York City, it's also home to some of the world's largest news agencies. Our guest speakers are drawn from top broadcast, digital, and social media news organizations, allowing students to begin professional networking while still in school. This allows students to transition to a professional internship or full-time position after graduation, as they'll have the opportunity to build many professional connections.

Broadcast Journalism Tools

As part of NYFA's Broadcast Journalism School's focus on professional preparation, students will gain familiarity with modern tools and technologies. Modern journalists are expected to be able to research, write, shoot, produce, and edit their own stories. Since reporting is often done alone or in small teams, it's important for aspiring reporters to have a solid understanding of every part of the production process. In our mission to be one of the best broadcast journalism schools, we instill a holistic understanding of broadcast journalism. This means building technical skills alongside creative ones.

NYFA Broadcast Journalists join The White House Press Corps

Equipment and Facilities

The core of the broadcast journalism program is learning to work behind and in front of the camera. Throughout their time at the broadcast journalism school students will work with industry standard HD cameras. Using this equipment they'll learn to shoot in a variety of styles and circumstances, preparing them for the unpredictable challenges that reporters are expected to face.

After shooting their projects students will be responsible for editing them. Nonlinear digital editing software gives students total control over the final presentation of their work.

On top of shooting and editing stories, students will also work in a studio space specifically designed for NYFA's Broadcast Journalism School, serving in a variety of positions based on their particular strengths. Students take turns handling key assignments and shadowing industry professional who explain the intricacies of working in a deadline driven industry. One-year students also learn the skills associated with Personal Journalism, including dynamic first-person narratives and highly visual "explainers" like those found on popular digital news sites such as Vice, Wired, Vox, Quartz and AJ+.

Broadcast Journalism Classes

Students interested in taking a broadcast journalism class can enroll in one throughout the year. To learn more about the start dates and tuition rates, please click here.

Broadcast Journalism Courses

After enrolling in a broadcast journalism school program at the New York Film Academy, students can expect to attend the following broadcast journalism courses depending on which workshop or program they take.

Broadcast Journalism Hands-on Audio Hands-on Camera and Lighting
Production Workshop Non-Linear Editing The Interview Profile
Special Topics VO Broadcast Journalism Workshop
The News Package The Special Report The Feature Story
In-Studio Production On-Camera Anchoring Creating a Resume Reel

Broadcast Journalism Workshops

Designed for students interested in taking a short, but intensive broadcast journalism workshop, the New York Film Academy offers the following short-term workshops.

Broadcast Journalism Programs

In addition to our shorter workshops, students wishing to spend a year in NYC immersing themselves in the many demands and facets of broadcast journalism are encouraged to take the one-year conservatory program.

Broadcast Journalism Faculty

The Academy's Broadcast Journalism School boasts a prestigious and experienced faculty of professional award-winning journalists who have covered some of the most important events in recent history. Our faculty members possess decades of experience working as producers, directors, and reporters for such legendary networks as NBC, ABC, PBS, and CBS. One aspect that sets our school of broadcast journalism apart is that the majority of our faculty members continue to remain active in the industry, allowing them to update students on the latest developments within broadcast journalism while providing them with hands-on instruction in and out of the classroom. Furthermore, our faculty is able to relay their own professional paths to better guide students to find success upon completion of a program or workshop. The broadcast journalism school's faculty members include:
NYFA broadcast journalism school chair Bill Einreinhofer Bill Einreinhofer: As the chair of the broadcast journalism school, Einrenhofer has decades of experience as a broadcast journalist and is an Emmy-winning producer, director, and writer. He produced programming for PBS NewsHour, Good Morning America, 60 Minutes, and Diary of a Red Planet. In addition, he served as the series producer for a four-part documentary series on the 2008 Summer Olympics and he was also the Senior Producer of New Jersey Nightly News.

NYFA broadcast journalism school faculty member Bob Haberl Bob Haberl: Having worked in journalism for more than forty years, Haberl first cut his teeth working as a radio tech during the Watergate scandal when he was right out of college. He went on to work as a television reporter in Jacksonville, Florida, and Philadelphia before becoming an executive producer at ABC News. While there, he covered everything from the fall of the Berlin Wall to Nelson Mandela's release from prison, helping him to earn seven Emmy Awards.

NYFA broadcast journalism school faculty member Robert Ferraro Robert Ferraro: Possessing over forty years of experience in local and national news, Ferraro has worked at both NBC and ABC. An Emmy award-winning news producer, Ferraro earned recognition for his work as a broadcast news writer, editor, special reports producer, broadcast line producer, and documentary producer.

Broadcast Journalism Alumni

Over the years, the Broadcast Journalism School at the New York Film Academy has proudly graduated numerous successful alumni whose hard work has helped them to achieve their career goals. Our graduates have gone on to a wide range of careers, including work at national broadcast networks, local TV stations, and digital news services.

Career Opportunities

By enrolling in the Broadcast Journalism School at the New York Film Academy, students learn the many different skills required to find employment after graduation. Below are some of the positions our alumni have served in along with a selection of networks they have worked for.

Producer Writer Host
Editor Director News Reporter
Associate Producer Digital Editor Senior Producer
Assignment Editor News Writer Broadcast Engineer

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