3D Animation Summer Camps For Kids

Learn How to Make 3D Animation Content at NYFA

NYFA’s 3D animation camp for kids introduces the next generation of visual artists to the craft of character animation. In these hands-on programs, students aged 10-13 are fully engaged in the world of animation while learning the skills to bring their own stories to life. Using Disney’s 12 principles of animation as a starting point, our students use 3D Maya, the industry-standard software for today’s modeling and animation, to apply these principles to their work. NYFA currently offers in-person, on-campus summer camps and weekend camps. We also offer online programs on a seasonal basis.

3D Animation Camps
for Kids: Level I

In our level one camps, young visual storytellers have the opportunity to develop their own animation project.

While many of our kids camps offer level two programs, our 3D Animation camps are currently available as level one programs only.

Online 3D Animation
Summer Camps

Designed to introduce students to the exciting world of 3D Animation, our online summer camps are immersive, interactive programs.

During our virtual 3D animation camps, kids from all over the world can study at NYFA, learning how to create their own original 3D animation content. This full-time, remote day camp is offered during the summer.

Weekend Workshops

Our 3D Animation workshops help kids explore modeling, animation, and virtual storytelling.

Throughout the programs, students study the essential principles of animation and use industry-standard software to experiment with making objects move and shift. These workshops are offered during the academic year, and are available as weekend programs.