Campus Safety and the Clery Act

Clery Act InformationThe Jeanne Clery Act

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act) requires all colleges, universities, and other institutions that participate in federal financial aid programs to collect, retain, and disclose information about crime on or near their campuses or other institution-owned property. The goal of the Clery Act is to ensure students, prospective students, parents and employees have access to accurate information about crimes committed on campus and campus security procedures.

As required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act, New York Film Academy publishes an annual Fire Safety Report, for the campus locations that have on-campus housing, which contains information about New York Film Academy’s fire prevention practices and systems, as well as fire-related statistics. The Fire Safety Report(s) are included within the Annual Security Report(s).

The U.S. Department of Education monitors compliance and can impose penalties for each violation against institutions. The department can also limit or suspend institutions from participating in federal financial aid programs.

Some Clery Act Requirements include:

Notice to New York Film Academy community for any Clery crime that represents an ongoing threat to safety and students and employees.

New York Film Academy employees who have been designated to report to Senior Administration any crimes they witness or that are reported to them. CSAs include individuals who have significant responsibility for students and campus activities.

Guidance for obtaining information on registered sex offenders.

Colleges and universities that participate in federal financial aid programs must publish an Annual Security Report each year on October 1st. The Annual Security Report documents three calendar years of campus crime and fire statistics that occurred on-campus, in off-campus buildings or properties owned or controlled by New York Film Academy. The Annual Security Report also includes:

  • institutional policy statements about campus security;
  • crime prevention and education programs, including those focused on sexual assault awareness;
  • information about Timely Warning, CSAs, and Sex Offender Registry;
  • the reporting of crimes; and
  • other safety and security matters.

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 requires institutions, with on-campus housing, to publish an Annual Fire Safety Report that contains information about fire safety policies and procedures, and statistics for fires occurring in on-campus residential facilities. For the NYFA campuses that have on-campus housing, the Annual Fire Safety Report is included in the Annual Security Report.

A hard copy of New York Film Academy’s Annual Security Reports are available at each respective campus by contacting:

  • LA Campus: Security Manager, 818-333-3558
  • NY Campus: Title IX & Clery Coordinator, 212-674-4300
  • SB Campus: Director of Operations, 305-534-6009

The report may also be reviewed printed from this web page.