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Game Design School at the New York Film Academy

Game Design Degrees Game Design Programs
Students at the NYFA Game Design School learn "hands on" from the leading thinkers and developers in both the games industry and the arts.

Game Design School

Video game designers are creators of new worlds and designers of one-of-a-kind experiences. Established to train the next generation of video game designers, the New York Film Academy is home to one of the best game design schools in the world. Simply put, unlike other video game design schools, students at the Academy receive intensive, hands-on education in how to create an original and engaging video game experience. As one of the leading game design colleges, students can expect a full-immersion educational experience that will place them in the Academy’s hallmark game design studios in order to develop their own unique video games.

Whether you wish to make the next Halo or specialize in a particular aspect of game design, the game design school at the New York Film Academy prepares each and every student to realize his or her game design goals.

Game Design Courses

After enrolling in a game design course at the New York Film Academy, students can expect to take the following game design courses.

Narrative Design Workshop Game Studio Game Design Workshop
Video Game Analysis Video Game Industry Class Introduction to 3D Art
Introduction to Game Programming Evening Lecture Series Improvisational Acting

Game Design Classes

Aspiring game designers can enroll in a game design class at the New York Film Academy’s game design school throughout the year. Click here to learn more about the start dates and tuition information for our game design classes.

Game Design Degrees

For those students enrolled at the New York Film Academy’s game design school in NYC, they have the option to apply their coursework toward credit in one of the New York Film Academy’s Los Angeles campus degree programs, which include:

Game Design Programs

For students interested in studying game design at our NYC campus, we have designed the following game design program.

Game Design Faculty NYC

One of the hallmarks of the New York Film Academy’s game design school is the distinguished and experienced faculty that works one-on-one with students. Each faculty member is dedicated to providing students with hands-on experience alongside the tools and know-how to succeed in a professional environment. The Academy’s game design faculty includes:
NYFA game design school chair Chris Swain Chris Swain: An industry leader for over twenty years, Swain first got his start in game design while still a student at USC, eventually going on to set up the Electronic Arts Game Innovation Lab at USC. He has worked on more than twenty different award-winning video games and products for such clients as Microsoft, Disney, Sony, Acclaim, BBC, Activision, and many more. He is also an in-demand speaker and writer on the game industry and innovation.

NYFA game design school faculty member Matt Plotecher Matt Plotecher: A fifteen-year veteran of interactive media and a member of the NYC game industry since 2007, Plotecher has worked for such clients as Microsoft, Nokia, Lionsgate, Konami, and the NFL. Plotecher has extensive experience working in a vast diversity of game types and genres including casual, core, Facebook, mobile, and alternate reality games. In addition to having articles published in leading game publications, Plotecher has occupied such roles as Lead Game Designer, Project Manager, Producer, Audio Design, Writer, Q&A, and Happiness Officer.

NYFA game design school faculty member Naomi Clark Naomi Clark: With over twenty years of creating games, Clark is an in-demand freelance game designer in New York City in addition to teaching aspiring game designers. She had assisted in designing and building a variety of games for various platforms and players, including the early multiplayer web game Sissyfight 2000, Lego World Builder, Gamestar Mechanic, and Trash Tycoon. She is also an active blogger on the topic of games and feminism and works with the independent group the Brooklyn Game Ensemble.

Career Opportunities

The Academy’s game design school is committed to preparing students to enter a variety of different video game positions, many of which are included below.

Game Designer Quest Designer Lever Designer
Systems Designer Gaming Producer Interactive Designer
Product Designer/Developer iOS Game Engineer Screenwriter
Storyboard Artist Software Engineer Online Game Designer
Multiplayer Level Designer Front End Engineer Creative Designer
User Interface Designer

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To receive additional information about the game design school at the New York Film Academy, please give us a call at +1 (212) 674-4300 or follow the below links to download a brochure or apply online.

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