Beijing and Greater China

Why Attend NYFA’s Hands-On Workshops

NYFA offers professional workshops in filmmaking, visual, and performing arts in Beijing and additional cities in China. In these seasonal programs, students receive a project-based education, studying and practicing the techniques and trends used in Hollywood filmmaking.

Make Your Own Films in Beijing, China

Beijing is an exciting city with a long, winding history that has inspired countless legends and stories, making it an ideal location to study filmmaking. To meet the interest of aspiring Chinese filmmakers who want to make their own films, NYFA offers seasonal workshops where students learn how to write, direct, shoot, and produce their own short movies. NYFA’s programs in Beijing are held at the renowned Beijing Film Academy, centrally located in the Haidian District.

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Shanghai and Additional China Locations

In addition to our Beijing programs, NYFA has also offered filmmaking and acting workshops in Shanghai and other cities in China. These workshops are offered seasonally, please refer to our dates and tuition pages for more details.