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Cinematography Showcase Page NYFA Alum Wins Big at ASC Awards NYFA CHAIR OF CINEMATOGRAPHY (LA) IS DP FOR THE BEATLES DOCU-SERIES New York Film Academy cinematography student stands on set behind a Panavision camera. New York Film Academy cinematography student studies the angle of a RED camera prior to a take.

Cinematography School


When a movie ends, long after the final credits roll, viewers are often left with a single shot or image in their head. In addition to the spoken lines and performances, many movies are made or broken on the merits of their cinematography and imaging.At the New York Film Academy’s Cinematography School students learn the academic and creative skills a director of photography uses to create the unique visual language of a film, television show, or web series. Throughout their time at NYFA’s Cinematography School students will consistently work on their classmates’ productions with different directors. Through repetition and and increasingly challenging projects, this hands-on and practical experience builds their creative and technical skills.

Review Of The Cinematography Program

Considered amongst the best cinematography schools in the world, the New York Film Academy is committed to providing student cinematographers with access to the cameras, lights, and tools they need to learn and develop their skills in the craft. As cinematography students work on each other’s films they will gain hands-on experience working with HD cameras, 16mm film, 35mm film, and RED EPIC digital video cameras. From the very first day of cinematography classes students will be behind the camera, receiving instruction from a faculty of successful and professional cinematographers. Our cinematography school’s curriculum blends academic theory with practical skills to equip students with the on-set cinematography knowledge.

The New York Film Academy is dedicated to educating new and aspiring cinematographers. If you have the vision and dedication, we can help you develop your the skills and understanding of the art form.

Cinematography Courses

Upon enrolling in a cinematography program at the New York Film Academy, students can expect to take many of the following cinematography courses in either the One-Year Conservatory Cinematography program or MFA Cinematography degree program.

Cinematographer’s Craft Still Photography Workshop
Camera Trends and Groundbreakers
Film Craft Production Workshop I
Screen Projects Production Workshop II
Grip and Electric Cinematography Production Lab
Form & Function I Fundamentals of Lighting
History of Cinematography I Form & Function II
Advanced Lighting Post-Production for Cinematographers I
Cinematography Practicum I Directing for Cinematographers
Stage Lighting Workshop History of Cinematography II
Form & Function III Advanced Motion Picture Camera Technique
The Visual Screenplay Documentary & Episodic Production
35mm Cinematography Form and Function III
Master’s Camera Technique Master’s Lighting
History of Cinematography III Cinema Studies
Advanced Grip Workshop Thesis Development
Cinematography for Digital Effects Production Design
Cinematography Practicum II Navigating the Industry
Steadicam & Camera Assistant Seminar Optics of Lenses & Cameras
Cinematography Practicum III Cinematography Practicum IV
Post-Production for Cinematographers II

Cinematography Classes

Students can take a cinematography class at the New York Film Academy throughout the year. To learn more about the start dates and tuition rates, please click here.

Cinematography Degrees

Students who have completed the 1-Year Cinematography Program in NYC can chose to apply their coursework towards our Master of Fine Arts degree program in Los Angeles or the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Entertainment Media.

Cinematography Programs

Designed for students interested in a non-degree cinematography program, the cinematography school at the New York Film Academy offers the following programs.

Underwater Cinematography Workshop at New York Film Academy

New York Film Academy MFA Cinematography students literally dive head first into the world of underwater filmmaking. Shot with a Canon 5D in Hyrdoflex housing.

Cinematography Faculty

In addition to offering state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, the New York Film Academy is also home to a distinguished faculty of instructors. As a top cinematography schools we believe it is important that many of our faculty members remain active in the industry. Each of them comes from a unique background, providing students with a well-rounded education. In addition, they work one-on-one with students to help them successfully complete the cinematography school’s demanding curriculum.

  • Learn more about Cinematography faculty from the New York campus here.
  • Learn more about Cinematography faculty from the Los Angeles campus here.

Cinematography Alumni

The Cinematography School at the New York Film Academy has graduated numerous alumni who have remained committed to realizing their professional ambitions. Some examples of our alumni’s noteworthy work and the companies and organizations they have worked for can be seen below.

Please note: NYFA does not represent that these are typical or guaranteed career outcomes. The success of our graduates in any chosen professional pathway depends on multiple factors, and the achievements of NYFA alumni are the result of their hard work, perseverance, talent and circumstances.

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