Community Partnerships & Collaborations

Community Partnerships & Collaborations

In addition to NYFA’s hands-on programs, the Academy has also partnered with such notable companies and organizations as RED Digital Cinema, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Lincoln Center to offer both students and the general public the chance to enroll in a number of specialized workshops. These hands-on, intensive workshops and projects are designed to apply the Academy’s methodology of learning by doing alongside access to the below institutions and our facilities to provide one-of-a-kind educational experiences.

In addition, the Academy is also committed to community outreach through the Young Storytellers’ and other non-profit organizations. Furthermore, the Academy also offers comprehensive audio and video training for private organizations and corporations. Click on the following images below to learn more about the Academy’s special projects.

Fulbright Program

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Program

Lincoln Center Media Program

NYFA Gives Back to the Community

Corporate Training

Sony Pictures

Carnegie Hall and NYFA