Kids Summer Camps and Workshops


In NYFA’s kids summer camps and workshops, aspiring young storytellers aged 10-13 build skills in filmmaking and content creation. During these hands-on programs, students write, shoot, direct, and edit their own films, studying under the guidance of our faculty of professional filmmakers and directors. In our level one programs, students learn the art of filmmaking. Students spend a majority of time creating their own video content and developing fundamental knowledge in cinematic storytelling. Those who complete a level one camp may progress to our level two camps. Here, they’ll learn additional filmmaking techniques and continue to create their own original short films.

Currently, NYFA offers in-person summer camps and workshops held during the academic year. We also offer online programs on a seasonal basis.

Filmmaking Summer
Camps: Level I

Our level one film summer camps teach kids the essentials of filmmaking through engaging projects and group activities.

These camps are designed for students with an interest in filmmaking. The programs are also a great fit for students who want to learn storytelling skills that can be applied to making content for social media apps. The kids summer camps include 1-Week and 2-Week day camps. No previous experience is required to attend.

Filmmaking Summer
Camps: Level II

Students who complete our 1-Week, 2-Week, other level one camps or the 12-Weekend Workshop may return to NYFA for our level two filmmaking camps for kids.

In these hands-on programs, students expand upon the skills learned in level one camps, gaining more experience in making short films and studying additional aspects of film production. The subject matter covered in these camps require a working knowledge of filmmaking, and students must have completed one of our prerequisite level-one camps to attend.

We currently offer our level two kids summer camps as full-time, on-campus filmmaking programs.

Online Filmmaking
Summer Camps

In our online filmmaking camps, kids learn in an interactive, immersive environment under the remote guidance of our experienced faculty.

In these 1 and 2-Week camps, kids get an introduction to filmmaking, creating their own short films. Throughout the classes, students establish skills in writing, directing, shooting, and editing, rounding out their skills as visual storytellers. These full-time, virtual camps are offered during the summer.

Weekend Workshops

Our filmmaking workshops are interactive experiences where kids create their own video content and stories.

Through hands-on projects, students learn the basics of shooting, editing, character and story development, directing, and more. These workshops are offered during the academic year, and are available as weekend programs. Students can choose from in-person and online workshops.

Alumni Work

NYFA camp alumni often use their experience at NYFA’s filmmaking camp and workshops to pursue creative goals in acting, filmmaking, television, content creation, production, media, entertainment, and more.

Please note that the successes of any NYFA alumni are the result of their individual hard work, perseverance, talent and circumstances. The New York Film Academy cannot guarantee that any future graduate will achieve similar success or secure a position in the industry.

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