Master of Arts

MA Degrees in Film, Media, and Entertainment

For students looking to advance their abilities in film, media, and entertainment, NYFA offers a range of innovative Master of Arts (MA) graduate degrees. In these hands-on programs, students complete a Master’s Degree in one year, following a project-based curriculum that enables them to delve deep into the art, craft, and business of their field of study. Throughout their time at NYFA, students study under the guidance and mentorship of industry experts as they complete a range of challenging projects and continue to develop their portfolio.

NYFA currently offers in-person and online MA degrees in Film and Media Production, as well as Producing, both offered at our NYFA Los Angeles campus. Students from all over the world may also apply for our online MA degree programs. To attend, students must possess a Bachelor’s Degree from a post-secondary institution.

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MA Degree Programs

Master of Arts (MA) in Film and Media Production

Master of Arts (MA) in Producing

Online Master of Arts (MA) in Entrepreneurial Producing and Innovation

Who Should Apply

An ideal candidate for a Master of Arts program can demonstrate their enthusiasm and interest for their chosen discipline through academic or professional life experience. It is not required for students to have an undergraduate degree in the same field as their desired MFA program, but prospective students should have the capacity to commit to advancing their skills within their chosen field. NYFA values life experience, and welcomes students who have recently graduated from college, as well as students who are returning to school after pursuing other creative and professional endeavors to pursue their graduate degree.


The MA curriculum is designed to help students develop advanced skills in their chosen discipline, giving them the framework to challenge themselves creatively. Students spend a majority of their time creating their own unique content, helping them to create a portfolio that showcase their mastery of skills and knowledge as they move onto the next phase of their journey. For more information, please visit our course catalog.

Please note: Equipment, curriculum, and projects are subject to change and may vary depending on location. Students should consult the most recently published campus catalog for the most up-to-date curriculum.