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VR Virtual Reality

Get a Head Start in the Cutting-Edge Field of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is an emerging medium that is changing the way that people experience entertainment, education, and a widening array of applications that extend beyond the entertainment industry into such areas as mental health, journalism, architecture, and even exercise.

The New York Film Academy Virtual Reality (VR) workshops present a totally new way of thinking about storytelling. Our VR workshops offer students the thrilling opportunity to go beyond the usual two or three dimensions, experience virtual reality, and explore immersive technology while learning the nuts and bolts of this emerging field. Step into a new world as you learn concept development, VR design, and production on your own interactive VR experiences, games and 360 degree films.

The New York Film Academy’s hands-on environment offers students a chance to practice real world VR techniques under the guidance of experts and specialists alike. We currently offer two VR workshops focused on exposing students to the fundamental and advanced skills required of VR professionals.

Virtual Reality Courses and Projects

The 8-week virtual reality workshop you choose may include:
  • Hands-on camera workshops with a variety of 360 degree cameras
  • Post-production workflow for spatial audio
  • Writing and directing 360 degree documentaries
  • Narrative design for interactive immersive experiences
  • Non-linear storytelling techniques for games and interactive experiences
  • Mise-en-scene techniques to compose a 360 stereographic still image
  • Production sound with ambisonic microphones and multiple lavs
  • Coding in Unity for the HTC Vive
  • Production workflows across 360 film and game engine-driven interactive experiences
  • Overview of the history and development of consumer VR
  • Industry insights and feedback from experts across cinematic, interactive, and web VR
  • Unity development for VR games and interactive immersive experiences
  • Applying UX principles to interactive immersive experiences
  • Game design for VR
  • Natural and artificial lighting techniques for 360 film
  • Directing actors and crew on a 360 film shoot
  • Stitching and color-correction for 360 film and still images
  • Spatial sound design in post production OR creating a 360 degree soundscape in post
Depending on the VR workshop you enroll in, you can apply throughout the year as NYFA offers rolling admissions. Contact us to learn the different dates and tuition.

VR Workshops

The New York Film Academy currently offers two workshops in Virtual Reality. The Narrative VR workshop provides a hands-on introduction to the tools of cinematic and interactive VR. VR Game Design is an advanced course for students with a background in 3D animation or game development to translate their skills into this emerging medium.

VR Faculty

  • Learn more about the Virtual Reality faculty from the New York campus here

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To learn more about the VR workshops at New York Film Academy, please call at +1 (212) 674-4300 or click on the following links to learn more.

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