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Screenwriting School at the New York Film Academy

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Screenwriting School

Whether it be a film, television episode, or webisode, the script is the heart and backbone of a production as it provides the emotional core and narrative structure that can transform a good production into a great one. After all, you can make a bad movie with a good screenplay, but you can’t make a good movie with a bad screenplay.

Review Of The Screenwriting Program

At the New York Film Academy’s top screenwriting school, our one-of-a-kind curriculum and world-class faculty ensure that students receive an intensive, hands-on education in the theory and practice of screenwriting, becoming well-rounded and versatile writers in the process. From day one, students find themselves behind the keyboard, learning how to develop their ideas into a properly structured shooting script at one of the best screenwriting schools in the world.

In addition, students have the unique opportunity to work with fellow screenwriting, filmmaking, and acting students in developing and bringing a script to life in a finished film, providing each student with extensive experience in going through every step of the filmmaking process as it relates to screenwriting. Finally, students learn the art of pitching their screenplays to help ensure that they are prepared to realize their professional goals once they complete a program at the Academy’s best screenwriting school.

Screenwriting Courses

Depending on the screenwriting program or workshop a student enrolls in at the Academy’s screenwriting school, aspiring screenwriters can expect to take many of the following screenwriting courses.

Story Generation Character Arcs Heroes Classic Screenplay Structure
Script to Screen Conflict and Flashbacks Writing the Feature Film Screenplay
Genre Studies Screenplay Analysis Elements of Screenwriting
Acting for Writers The Great Screenplays The Business of Screenwriting
Treatment Writing Transmedia: Franchises Screenwriting Workshop
Revision Class Adaptation Workshop Special One-Week Seminar in Digital Filmmaking
Dramaturgy Pitching Class TV Writing: Sitcoms and One-Hour Dramas
Cinema Studies TV Writing: Pilot TV Writing: Specs

Online Screenwriting Courses

In addition to the courses offered at the Academy’s NYC and LA campuses, aspiring screenwriters are also able to pursue their screenwriting education online through an online screenwriting course.

Screenwriting Classes

Prospective students have the option to enroll at the screenwriting school at the New York Film Academy throughout the year. To learn more about the start dates and tuition rates for a screenwriting class, please click here.

Screenwriting Degrees

Designed for students wishing to continue their education started at our NYC campus and receive a degree, students at the screenwriting school can apply to have their credits transferred for advanced standing at one of the following degree programs offered at our LA campus.

Screenwriting Workshops

For students looking to do a fast-paced, full-immersion screenwriting workshop at the New York Film Academy, they are advised to enroll in one of our short-term screenwriting workshops.

Screenwriting Programs

In order to accommodate aspiring screenwriters looking to make a longer time commitment, students should look into our one-year screenwriting program.

Screenwriting Faculty

In addition to the fantastic facilities and exposure to all facets of the filmmaking process, students at the screenwriting school at the New York Film Academy study under our prestigious faculty of professional screenwriters and filmmakers. Part of what makes the Academy one of the top screenwriting schools is that each faculty member comes from a distinct and distinguished background and is committed to helping students better understand how their writing translates to an actual film production. Students enrolling at the screenwriting school can expect to study under the following faculty members.
NYFA screenwriting school chair Melanie Williams Oram Melanie Williams Oram: The chair of the screenwriting school in NYC, Williams Oram is a winner of the Peabody Award for the HBO documentary Dare to Compete and an Emmy Award for the HBO series Real Sports. She has also worked as a producer on four short films including A Glance Away, A-Alike, The Birthday Girl, and Lifted and directed the short film Shook.

NYFA screenwriting school LA chair Nunzio DeFilippis Nunzio DeFilippis: The chair of the screenwriting school at the Academy’s LA campus, DeFillipis is a veteran of film, television, video games, and comic books for over two decades. Having received his MFA in Screenwriting from USC, DeFelippis and his wife Christina Weir have written for such series as HBO’s Arli$$ and the Disney Channel’s Kim Possible as well as comic book runs including New X-Men, Adventures of Superman, and Batman Confidential.

NYFA screenwriting school faculty member Randall Dottin Randall Dottin: An award-winning writer, director, and producer, Dottin is a winner of the Student Academy Awards gold medal for his film A-Alike, which he wrote and directed. He also earned recognition from the Director’s Guild of America, which honored him as the Best African-American Student Filmmaker for A-Alike, which went on to air on HBO. He has also penned and directed the short film Lifted and produced the upcoming documentary Finding the Prospers.

Screenwriting Alumni

Over the past twenty years, the screenwriting school at the New York Film Academy has graduated countless students who have gone to find great success in their screenwriting careers. Click here to see some of the accomplishments our screenwriting alumni have achieved.

Career Opportunities

As one of the best screenwriting schools, upon graduating from NYFA students have numerous career paths to pursue in realizing their career goals, which are listed below. Furthermore, we’ve highlighted some of the notable organizations where our screenwriting alumni are currently working.

Feature Film Screenwriter Television Screenwriter Television Showrunner
Story Supervisor Writer’s Assistant Script Analyst
Development Assistant Script Reader Treatment Writer

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