Filmmaking for Teens

Build Skills in Filmmaking and Content Creation

In NYFA’s teen summer camps and filmmaking workshops, students aged 14-17 build skills in filmmaking and content creation through hands-on experience. Throughout the course of the film camps and workshops, our faculty of professional filmmakers and directors teach filmmaking for teens, training aspiring storytellers to write, shoot, direct, and edit their own original content. For those who complete our level-one classes that cover the fundamentals of filmmaking, we also have a selection of level-two classes. In these classes, students build upon the techniques and knowledge learned in our level-one camps and workshops.

NYFA currently offers in-person, year-round workshops during the week and on weekends, as well as full-time summer camps. We also offer online classes on a seasonal basis that are held during the school year.

Filmmaking Summer
Camps: Level I

During our level-one film camps for teens, instructors use a strategic balance of coursework, short film projects, and time spent on sets to offer an introduction to the art of filmmaking.

The camps are designed for teens with an interest in filmmaking or who have experience creating content for social media and want to take their skills to the next level. No experience in filmmaking is required to attend.

Our teen summer camps range from a one-week camp that provides a hands-on snapshot of the filmmaking process to an in-depth six-week camp, where aspiring storytellers develop strong creative and technical skills through the creation of original projects and short films. While a majority of these camps are full-time classes held during the summer, there are additional weekend and after school workshops available during the academic year.

Filmmaking Summer
Camps: Level II

The students who graduate from NYFA’s 3-Week,
4-Week, 6-Week or 12-Weekend level-one classes may return for our level-two film summer camps.

In these camps, students continue to build their knowledge of filmmaking and strengthen their cinematic storytelling skills, working on projects such as a short film with dialogue. The NYFA level-one prerequisite is required to attend our level-two classes. We currently offer our level-two teen summer camps as full-time, on-campus classes.

Online Filmmaking
Summer Camps

In our online filmmaking camps, teens learn in an interactive, immersive environment under the remote guidance of our experienced faculty.

In these 1,3, and 4-Week camps, teens get an introduction to filmmaking, creating their own short films. Throughout the classes, students establish skills in writing, directing, shooting, and editing, rounding out their skills as visual storytellers. These full-time, virtual camps are offered during the summer.

After School &
Weekend Workshops

In addition to our summer camps, we also offer a selection of in-person workshops and online classes held during the academic year.

Similar to our camps, these programs provide teens with the chance to explore their interest in filmmaking and visual storytelling through hands-on learning and the creation of their own short films. Our online classes are currently available after school and on the weekend.

Alumni Work

NYFA camp alumni often use their training from NYFA’s filmmaking camp and workshops to pursue their creative goals and interests in acting, filmmaking, television, content creation, production, media, entertainment, and more.

Please note that the successes of any NYFA alumni are the result of their individual hard work, perseverance, talent and circumstances. The New York Film Academy cannot guarantee that any future graduate will achieve similar success or secure a position in the industry.

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Aubrey Plaza


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