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A ‘Second Wind’ For NYFA Grad Sarah Choi


As most of us know, going through a breakup can be a very difficult and tumultuous time. And while some of us tend to get down, struggling to get through the days, artists often find inspiration from the ordeal. This was the case for New York Film Academy documentary graduate, Sarah Choi. Sarah’s recent music video Second Wind captures the breakups of three young women through a choreographed dance number set to the tune of Arcade Fire’s Afterlife.

“What helped me get through the first few months after the breakup was renewing my commitment to telling stories through my films; and also taking dance classes,” said Sarah. “I found it therapeutic to let loose and try to communicate my feelings through movement and music.”

Sarah teamed up with a number of NYFA filmmakers from all over the world to create the film, which was shot in a very short period of time due to conflicting schedules. Her Director of Photography, Tomas Velasquez (from Colombia), Assistant Camera, Mihyun Park (from South Korea), and Gaffer, Aleksandra Miasnikova (from Belarus), have great chemistry founded upon respect and friendship. “We met while studying at the New York Film Academy, and I would love to continue working on projects with them!”

The video has already garnished praise across the web including a mention on The Huffington Post called Dealing with Love.

You can watch the video in its entirety below. Enjoy!

Director of Photography: Tomas Velasquez
Assistant Camera: Mihyun Park
Gaffer: Aleksandra Miasnikova
Production Coordinator: Leslie Stanfield
Colorist: Jared Melman
Cast: Breton Tyner-Bryan, Leigh Schanfein, Sarah Choi
Key Make-up Artist: Mallory Passione
Hairstylists: Zachary Hart, Mallory Pace, Marykate Osick