10 Iconic Company Logos That Have Drastically Changed

March 5, 2015

While most people never think about it, graphic design actually plays an important role in branding and company recognition. Consumers begin to associate certain feelings with brands, and often the more iconic the brand, the stronger the feelings.

Even without seeing the company name, consumers can instantly identify the company based on logo alone. Who doesn’t know what to expect when they see the golden arches of McDonald’s, for example?

These iconic brand logos weren’t always what they are today, however. The original McDonald’s logo was a far cry from the golden arches of today. While Apple generally keeps design very minimalist these days, their original logo was anything but.

We take a look at 10 of the most iconic logo designs today, and the original counterpart for each. You will see that companies in all industries – from game design giants like Nintendo to drink producers like Coca Cola – have gone through some phases of evolution to get where they are today: extremely valuable, recognizable brands…

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