Best Websites for Promoting Your Film Online

March 5, 2015

So you’ve worked your way through film school, studied the craft from every angle and thrown everything you’ve learned at your debut film. Over the course of a few months, you see your creative vision come to life; the pieces slowly fall into place, and when they do, you have a polished film that you’re proud of and ready to show the world.

But that’s only half the battle. An arguably bigger challenge lies before you: actually showing it to the world.

best websites for promoting your film online

But don’t throw in the towel just yet. Scroll on and discover…

The Best Websites for Promoting Your Film Online

Filmmakers go to film school to study filmmaking – of course – and as a result are great at making films. On the other hand, the principles of marketing don’t always come second nature to creative types, but it’s an important side to the business filmmaking that can make or break a project.

Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to give your film the marketing push it needs thanks to these five great film promotion websites.

1. WithoutABox

WithoutABox is a widely renowned service that comes with a number of features, including avenues for self-distribution and a space to upload trailers and promo packages. But the biggest pull for filmmakers is that the site makes it exceptionally easy to submit to over 850 of the main film festivals around the globe, filterable by location, genre and entry fee (with prices ranging between no cost at all and $75.)

Film festival submission list

Signing up for the site itself is totally free, and it’s as useful for those who have finished screenwriting school as it is for filmmakers.


Made a short which you want to get out there? Head on over to, fill out the two-minute submission form and you’ll be one step closer to finding your audience.

Film distribution resources
The site accepts submissions of every genre and displays them prominently on the homepage for prospective viewers, and singles out notable works for further promotion. It is also hosting a short film contest which is voted on by visitors. While the amount of traffic the site garners isn’t off the chart at present, it is noted for its curation quality by human editors and certainly worth the time it takes to list your short.

3. Sonnyboo’s TV Outlet List

Peter Ross, A.K.A Sonnyboo, has long been a champion of independent filmmaking, having been selflessly providing great resources to those out in the field since 1999. His TV Outlet page is a great example – a very comprehensive list of shows and networks that are actively seeking shorts, along with a concise description of what they’re looking for and how to submit.

4. IndieReign

As we’ve covered previously, Netflix is the golden bullet for an indie filmmaker trying to get their work seen, but it’s almost impossible to get listed and the rewards aren’t often as good as you might imagine. That’s where IndieReign comes in.

indie filmmaker promotion

A young start-up company designed to champion indie works and put power back into the hands of creators, IndieReign strikes a fine balance between sites like YouTube and Netflix by allowing indie filmmakers to upload their work directly. Aside from a 30% fee going to the site, all profits from sales and rentals go directly into the filmmaker’s PayPal account – given how intuitive and easy the platform is to work with, it makes for a great place which you can direct potential viewers to (assuming you’re not offering your film for free).

Know of any more killer websites for promoting your film online? Help out the community by leaving your hot tips in the comments below!

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