The New Age Of Wedding Photography – Use A Drone

August 14, 2014

wedding photography drone

Before you hire a photographer for your big day, contemplate the idea of having your photos taken from a drone overhead. Yes, that’s right. The wedding photo industry has taken an entirely new perspective on photography by the use of drones for their shots. However, there is controversy regarding the legality of using drones for this purpose.

Especially in small towns, where everyone is limited by where to hold the ceremony and are stuck in the same old wedding routine, for those couples looking to venture outside the norm, you can turn an average, boring old wedding into an atypical one. Most people haven’t even heard of drone wedding photos which may make you one of the first to have your special day captured through this technology.

Dale Stierman is a leader and one of the first wedding photographers to capture these special moments by the use of a drone. The drone is equipped with a camera to take these spectacular shots. The photos that these couples receive in return are unique and cannot be replicated without the use of a drone.

The first thing that may come to mind when you hear the word drone, isn’t necessarily wedding and more like war. But isn’t that refreshing to finally be getting something amazing and wonderful in return from a drone and really change the negative connotation of the use of a drone. Why not put it to some good?

Dale stated that at first advertising drone was a bit alarming to potential customers so he changed the way he introduced the new photography technique as ‘quad-copter’. This less known explanation of drone caught on, creating a personal and warming touch to wedding photographs and less dangerous and high tech as introducing the technique with the terminology ‘drone’.

The debate over the legality of using drone technology for wedding photos comes primarily from the Federal Aviation Administration whose guidelines dictate that drones must fly below 400feet, avoiding flying over areas that are greatly populated and they cannot be used for commercial purposes. The FAA does grant permission for photographers to fly a wedding drone but without this permission, these drones are actually illegal to fly and capture photos.

From a photographers perspective, using drones enables photographers to capture the best images. With drones, photographers are able to take shots at different angles and get different lighting which can take an ordinary photo and make it remarkable. Dale explains that he uses the drones for this particular purpose of capturing wedding photos and uses the utmost respect for the FAA by not shooting photos that are anywhere in the close proximity to hospitals and airports.

Although an unlikely first thought, drones certainly maybe the center of attention for this year’s trends in wedding photography.