1-Week Summer Film Camp for Teens

Learn to Make a Short Film at NYFA

In this intensive summer film camp, students aged 14-17 are introduced to the filmmaking and content creation process. Under the guidance of expert instructors, aspiring visual storytellers learn how to make a short film, building skills in visual storytelling and film production. No experience is required to attend.

Program Description

Camp Name: 1-Week Filmmaking Camp for Teens

At NYFA’s teen filmmaking camps, students get a snapshot of the filmmaking and content creation process. In just a week, students make a short film, and learn how to write, shoot, direct, and edit their own unique content. Students also work in rotation on writing, editing, and shooting peer films, learning essential skills such as directing, basic screenwriting structure, basic camera, and lighting skills, as well as the basics of editing and post-production workflow.

Students may take the 1-Week Filmmaking Camp for Teens and 1-Week Acting for Film Camp back-to-back. Upon completion of the camp, students may show their final work in an in-class screening and critique. To store a copy of their final project and project files, we suggest that one-week students bring a 500GB – 1TB hard drive.

To learn more about NYFA’s teen camps, visit the NYFA Camp Brochure.


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