3-Week 3D Animation Summer Camp for Teens

Learn 3D Animation at NYFA

In the 3-Week 3D Animation Camp, teens have the opportunity to write, direct, animate, and edit their own 3D animated short film. Campers get the opportunity to work with the industry-standard Maya software, and also learn to develop their craft through acting, directing, storyboarding, and screenwriting. Students are not expected to enter the 3-Week 3D Animation Camp for Teens with prior animation experience.

Program Description

Camp Name: 3-Week 3D Animation Camp for Teens

During the 3-Week 3D Animation Camp, campers learn the fundamentals of animation, including movement, timing, weight, and character development using Maya software. Campers work in a typical pipeline, progressing through basic modeling, rendering, and motion exercises to create their own animated short. They also learn to develop their own ideas using classical storytelling methods, including screenwriting for linear story, storyboarding the relationship between story and action, and directing the power of scene composition and camera POV.

Campers in the 3-Week 3D Animation Camp for teens will study Modeling, Motion, Character construction, color and texture, and rendering. In addition, students can also expect to study and apply Weight and Secondary Action, Squash and Stretch, Rubber Hose, Full, and Limited Animation, Character Design, Exaggeration vs. Subtlety, Sound Effects and Music, Sound-image Relationship.

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