3-Week Summer Filmmaking Camp II for Teens

Make A Short Film at NYFA

During this intensive filmmaking camp, students who have taken the twelve-weekend camps or the three, four, six-week camps may return to further their skills in visual storytelling and content creation. Throughout this summer program, students aged 14-17 make a short film, practicing techniques in writing, camera, lighting, sound, directing, and editing.

Program Description

Camp Name: 3-Week Filmmaking Camp II for Teens

Prerequisite: 12-Weekend, 3, 4, 6-Week Filmmaking Camp

Prior to starting the camp, students must provide their short script, a story of three to six pages in length, which can include dialogue. This is a necessary requirement as there is no time to write scripts once the program begins. When the program begins, students start to work on their own original content, and make a short film of four to six minutes in length, which they will write, direct, and edit. To round out their experience, students study a number of topics, such as directing and screenwriting structure. They also learn practical production skills, including how to use a professional-grade HDSLR camera, how to direct actors and the post-production workflow. Faculty may cover related filmmaking topics such as cinematography, sound recording and design, and producing.

We recommend that incoming NYFA students invest in a 1TB – 2TB HD hard drive to store their work and final project. Students who complete the camp are invited to share their final films in a screening open to friends and family.

To learn more about NYFA’s teen camps, visit the NYFA Camp Brochure.


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