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Housing Options

Select a location below to get detailed housing information:


To all Prospective New York Film Academy Students and Applicants: Please note, regarding housing and accommodations, there is deceptive advertising on the internet offering affordable housing deals. Do not transfer any funds, unless you have someone verify that it is a legitimate company. The Film Academy has housing coordinators at our NYC, LA and Miami campuses who can assist you. Please feel free to contact them at,, or


Students should estimate the following costs for housing and meals. The New York Film Academy can make additional housing suggestions, and dormitory facilities are available at most summer workshops.


For Summer programs, students living in on-campus housing should confirm their arrival and departure dates with the Admissions Office. Depending on the date and location, the arrival day may include orientation, room assignments, key distribution, and registration.

Off-campus students may be required to register along with the resident students on that day. The final day of the summer programs is usually reserved for packing up and departures. Students clean and check-out of their rooms by noon.


Our New York Housing Coordinator assists students in finding safe and convenient accommodations in New York City.

Student Residence
For students who would like to live in a dormitory type facility, the New York Film Academy offers double room accommodations and a very limited number of single rooms. Room amenities include private bathroom, refrigerator, microwave, WiFi, cable television, room to study, and plenty of storage. These accommodations are a brief subway ride to the NYFA campus. Student resident housing fees are based on the length of their program, and average approximately $1800 a month per person. Please be aware that a refundable deposit is required to reserve a bed at the residence. Daily tours are given at the residence seven days a week. Please contact for more housing and tour information.

Apartment Living
Our Housing Coordinator can assist students in finding other housing options such as a furnished shared apartment. The average cost for a furnished shared apartment in the New York City area generally range from $1000 - $2500/month per person. Furnished studio apartments can start at $2200/month. It is possible to find less expensive options at a longer commute from our campus. Students interested in apartment stays should plan to arrive a week or two early to visit places in person.

Hostels and hotels are available for short stays starting at $80 and up per night.

For any questions regarding housing at New York City locations please call 212-674-4300 or email us at Please note NYFA housing options are subject to availability. Students should contact our New York Housing Coordinator as early as possible to reserve a bed at the student residence.

Housing fee is non-refundable.


The Los Angeles campus is located in the city of Burbank, which is also known as the “Media Capital of the World”. With its year-round perfect weather and historical connection to the film industry, Burbank makes a great community in which to live, work, and study.

While NYFA does not have on-campus housing/dormitories, our Housing Department helps students find an apartment or residential option for both long-term and short-term stays. We recommend several different apartment communities such as AVA Burbank, Parc Pointe Apartments, Toluca Hills Apartments by Avalon, Archstone Studio City and Madison Toluca Apartments, all of which are within walking/biking distance to our campuses. These apartments can range in price for $1,700/month for an unfurnished Studio, up to $2,800/month for an unfurnished 2-bedroom (pricing determined by amenities, location, length of stay, and size of apartment). Since it can be quite expensive to live alone, we suggest that students share an apartment to help split these monthly costs. For all Los Angeles Housing information, Applicants needing a roommate(s), or help to find available rooms to rent within our NYFA community, can join our online Housing Community at Housing.NYFA.EDU

With Los Angeles being a very diverse and cultural city, students can expect to find a wide range of food options that fit their dietary needs. We suggest that students budget at least $500/month for food (per individual).

For more information about Housing for the Los Angeles campus, please contact us at 818-333-3558 or

Housing fee is non-refundable.

2019 PRICES 
1 Week Shared Suite $1,300
2 Week Shared Suite $2,400
3 Week Shared Suite $3,600
4 Week Shared Suite $4,800
6 Week Shared Suite $7,200


Rooms are shared suites with shared bathrooms. No meals are included. Expect to spend $250 and up per week for food - may vary depending on eating habits.

Students who need help may contact us at 212-674-4300.

Housing fee is non-refundable.

2019 PRICES 
1 Week Shared Suite $820
3 Week Shared Suite $2,460
4 Week Shared Suite $3,280
6 Week Shared Suite $4,920


The New York Film Academy has arranged for optional, simple and convenient housing. The majority of our adult students will be staying in NYFA apartments. The apartments are in the center of Florence, close to Piazza della Signoria and Ponte Vecchio and there is a great choice of restaurants, bars, cafes and grocery stores close by.

Students will live in a one or two bedroom apartment that is walking distance from the school. All apartments are shared with shared bathrooms, private rooms are available. Kitchenettes feature oven, hot plates and fridge.

Please note that if you need housing, you must submit your Housing Request form online no later than a month before the beginning of your course, along with housing fees. We cannot guarantee the options above for applications received after this day.

Housing prices offered through the New York Film Academy, not including food, are as follows >>

Expect to spend $250 and up per week for food - may vary depending on eating habits.

Students who need help may contact us at 212-674-4300 or

2020 PRICES 
1 Week Double Room $500
4 Week Double Room $1,500
6 Week Double Room $2,000
8 Week Double Room $3,000
Semester Double Room $4,500
4 Week Single Room $2,000
6 Week Single Room $3,000
8 Week Single Room $4,000
Semester Single Room $6,000


Housing prices offered through the New York Film Academy include daily continental breakfast, but do NOT INCLUDE lunch and dinner. Expect to spend $250 and up per week for food - may vary depending on eating habits.

Students who need help may contact us at 212-674-4300.

Housing fee is non-refundable.

2020 PRICES 
1 Week Double Room $958
3 Week Double Room $2,884
4 Week Double Room $3,847
6 Week Double Room $5,773


As medical costs can be unexpectedly high, the New York Film Academy strongly advises students to have health insurance coverage for the duration of any New York Film Academy Workshop.

Students may choose to find a policy on their own, or they may contact one of the providers below for short-term coverage.

• International students traveling to the USA: US NetCare Health Programs | Web:
• American students traveling abroad: Compass Health Insurance Plans | Web:

Ownership Policy

All films created at the New York Film Academy are the property of the students who made them. The New York Film Academy reserves the right to make copies of students' work to use for promotional purposes. Final films and copies of them must include the following credit: Produced at the New York Film Academy.

For our rules and regulations, refund policy, or questions regarding our workshops, contact the Admissions Office, 212-674-4300.

Housing Disclaimer:

Please be aware that for Summer Workshops a refundable $250 room deposit is required to guard against any damage to the room, furniture, facilities and/or loss of key. Please refer to the "Housing Request Form" that was included in your Summer Workshop packet.

All deposits will be processed at the end of the summer and will be returned shortly thereafter. Refunds will be processed by the same method used to make the payment. Please ensure your address is up to date.

Please note, attendees to our summer camps who choose not to participate in our residential program, but still require housing, must find their own housing and ARE NOT PERMITTED to reside in the same housing facility at which our residential campers reside.
New York Film Academy Disclaimer
New York Film Academy Disclaimer