Why Study Online at NYFA

NYFA now offers a range of immersive “Hands-Online” programs.

These degree programs and short-term workshops are active creative learning experiences where you will participate, from home, in every class, interact with your teacher and classmates, and create original work. Each program includes live interactive instruction, group meetings, and additional one-on-one consultations with the instructor.

Information about Online Youth Programs can be found here.



By studying online, students connect with faculty and peers from all over the globe. During their time in our online programs, students can learn essential creative and technical skills, as well as vital communication and collaboration skills.


NYFA’s faculty includes professional filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, actors, photographers, performers, and 3D animators who actively work in the entertainment industry, enabling them to prepare students for the realities of the competitive film, television, and media industries.


With students from over 120 countries, the NYFA community is incredibly diverse. To maintain a safe, welcoming environment for our students, NYFA is committed to strong leadership and inclusive decision-making, creating a global community that respectfully considers multiple points of view.

Technical Recommendations

To attend any of our online programs, we recommend that all students have a reliable computer, external hard drive, strong internet connection and a quiet place to work. As students in our classes work with large files and software that may require minimum technical specifications, we ask that all incoming students review the recommended specs for their specific program.

For film or photography classes, students must provide their own digital camera or smartphone with camera, as well as DaVinci Resolve.