NYFA Filmmaking Alum Sidney Esiri’s First Feature Film


NYFA Filmmaking Alum Sidney Esiri‘s journey has not been linear. Instead, it has wrapped around the Nigerian entertainment industry, health industry and military. Esiri, commonly known as Dr. Sid, is a singer, producer, director and former dentist.

Prior to working in the music industry, Esiri graduated from the Nigerian Air force Secondary School in Ikeja. Shortly after, he attended the University of Ibadan to study dentistry and dental surgery.

Esiri is the son of a Nigerian fashion designer and trailblazing actor, Justus Esiri. Justus Esiri is known as a pillar in the Nollywood film industry with a career dating back to the 1960’s. Most notably, he starred in the film adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. It is no surprise that his only son, Sidney Esiri, took after him. After several years of making chart-topping music, Esiri starred in his first film The Last 3 Digits in 2013 and made his directorial debut in 2015 with The Application.

This June, Esiri debuts his first feature film, The Order of Things, in theaters across Nigeria.

The Order of Things brings humor and levity to the topic of marriage traditions among siblings. The film has been in development since 2017.



Ahead of the release of the film, Esiri shared the trailer for The Order of Things on Instagram. In the post, he references his time at the New York Film Academy. “7 years ago I attended the @newyorkfilmacademy to learn how to be a filmmaker. In 2022, I’m making my directorial debut, Glory to God 🙏🏾. Please enjoy the #Firstlook of The Order of Things Movie. 


Sidney Esiri shared with NYFA that the most important thing he learned while studying filmmaking at our NYFA Los Angeles campus was the importance of “putting together the right team with the right work ethic” and the importance of “having the right processes in place to ensure proper workflow. Proper planning and pre-production will make the shooting process easier.” 

Lastly, Esiri says “NYFA will give you the building blocks needed to express your imagination as well as put you in a space with other creatives that will challenge you to be better.”

NYFA congratulates Sidney Esiri on all his successes. We look forward to seeing The Order of Things in theaters June 10th, 2022!


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Published on: May 16, 2022

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