NYFA Running Team Competes at Simi Valley Arroyo Creek 10K

August 26, 2015

running team

The New York Film Academy Running Team joined the competitive Simi Valley Arroyo Creek 10K event, with a total of 167 participants, on Sunday, August 9th 2015. Our runners overcame the difficulties of this challenge with a vigorous, energetic and determined attitude, with memorable and remarkable results. Todd Lien, an MFA Acting student, proudly represented our Academy by finishing 5th place overall, running at a consistent pace of 6:59 minutes per mile and a total time of 43:15.4 minutes. Todd was also the winner of his age category.

nyfa running teAM
NYFA Running Team

Our female runners finished strong as well. Olivia Ekelund, an AFA acting student, was the winner of her age category with an impressive solid pace of 8.16 minutes per mile and a total time of 51:24.4 minutes.

Congratulations to our runners for their exemplary spirit and achievement!

Overall results:

Name Overall Age Category Total Time Pace
Todd Lien 5th 1st 43:15.4 6.59/M
Adam El-Manawy 6th 2nd 44.48.4 7.14/M
Olivia Ekelund 8th 1st 51:24.4 8:17/M
Aly Covington (Coach) 10th 4th 53:50.2 8:41/M
Cedric Beard 19th 4th 53:06.6 8:34/M
Nuttawuthi Nakong 23rd 5th 56:19.2 9:05/M
Rachel Moolkum 42nd 10th 1:08:49 11:06/M
Nawaf Al Hoshani 57th 7th 1:37:19 15:42/M
Luis Valencia 58th 8th 1:39:01 16:15/M
Alejandra Mur 105th 17th 1:48:33 17:30/M