#NYFASummer Instagram Contest

July 23, 2014


With New York Film Academy Summer Camp Programs wrapped and others in the full swing of things all around the world, we thought it was time to see what it is you’re all up to. Given the obvious popularity of Instagram amongst all of our students, we figured this would be the best place to stay in touch.

All you have to do is tag your photos with #NYFASummer and we can see what you’re doing. Whether you’re in New York City, Los Angeles, Harvard, Florida, Europe or wherever, you’re all #NYFASummer students at heart!

The best photos showing your support of #NYFASummer will be posted on NYFA’s official Instagram page and a select few will receive the Magic Shutter Ver. 3 App. And if you win this app, you’ll be able to show off some pretty amazing photos to your peers back at home. So, start tagging now!

The best photos will be posted on NYFA Instagram from now until September 1st. The top winners will be announced soon after to receive the Magic Shutter Ver. 3 App.

Here’s a glimpse at what you can win.