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Paquita Hughes Launches ‘Sugar the Web Series’


sugar web seriesIt is with great pride to announce the launch of Sugar the Web Series from one of our accomplished former students and military veteran, Paquita Hughes. The dramedy series tackles everything from the rise of health care and education costs to the expenses of the most basic necessities. In the pilot episode, Nikki wants to get her former coworker Terri (played by Terri London) into the “sugar baby” game in order to make some real money. For those of you who may not know, a “Sugar Baby” is a slang term for a young female or male who is financially pampered by an older, wealthier man or woman in exchange for companionship. Considering Terri is stuck with her mother’s hospice bills and Aunt’s utility bills after recently being laid off at a local restaurant, Terri hesitantly agrees to give it a shot.

After being approached with the idea by a close friend, Paquita decided to develop Sugar as her thesis project. “The sex work industry has always been intriguing to me, not only as a female, but as a human,” says Paquita. “These women put themselves through experiences we can only hear about through stories and raw documentaries. I felt it was a topic that should be discussed amongst the masses. It’s a prevalent industry that has been around for ages, it’s recession proof and it will be here beyond the lives of many of the those reading this post. Why not explore this world and create a healthy dialogue between the people involved in the sex work industry and the community they thrive in. Education of this lifestyle will hopefully tear away at the negative appeal it gives off. It’s a cautionary tale tied into a woman’s journey into womanhood and discovery.”

Thus far the production time put into Sugar has taken upwards of a year and change. Paquita hopes to eventually gain distribution from networks like Netflix or Hulu. She is currently taking meetings from investors to help fund the project and make her dream a reality. Her current campaign, while she shops the pilot around, is to gain as many YouTube subscribers as possible. If she reaches 10,000 subscribers, she can utilize the YouTube space in Los Angeles for free and keep all of the film locations local.

“Seeing that the pilot is only the blueprint of what could be greater, I’m extremely happy with the results. I have a fine cast and a great story. It’s destined for greatness!”

You can view the Sugar the Web Series‘ Pilot, trailer, and read all about the cast and crew on www.sugartheseries.com. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel and website for giveaways, updates and more!