International Pathway Program Projects

Build Your Visual
Storytelling Portfolio at NYFA

NYFA’s International Pathway Program is designed for visual storytellers looking to improve English language skills through community-based learning. Our projects will introduce them to the U.S. college environment, American culture, and life on and around NYFA’s U.S. campuses.

These projects are examples of the types of work that students complete, and projects vary by location, program, and degree requirements and are subject to change. For more information, please see the course catalog.

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Projects By Topic

The projects listed below are examples of the type of work that students will complete and not an all-encompassing list.

Collaborative Podcast Episodes

ENGL011P: Critique & Debate in the Arts- In this culminating project, students analyze a variety of podcasts and break down important elements before outlining and recording two connected episodes. Students navigate the collaborative process while incorporating skills learned throughout the semester, such as effective use of voice, debate language, spoken fluency, and collaboration skills.

Animation Storyboards

ENGL011P: Critique & Debate in the Arts- Part of this course focuses on exploring the shifting narratives of animation in the US – from perpetuating stereotypes to becoming tools of empowerment and inclusivity. Through collaboration, students create storyboards for their own animated short that teaches the audience a lesson or critiques current society.

Public Art Pitch

ENGL071P: American Popular Culture- Students connect with their communities by identifying a public space to create a work of art that is informed by the history of the space and its people. The layered project includes sketches of the piece, research, and a proposal to pitch to the class.

Digital Portfolio & Vlog Posts

ENGL071P: American Popular Culture- Students organize their course projects on personally-designed websites* to showcase content created throughout the semester. Opinions and responses related to class readings and discussion topics are submitted as recorded vlog posts to improve fluency, strength of support, and spoken grammar.

“Taste the Nation” Inspired Short Doc

ENGL071P: American Popular Culture- Students explore how food has contributed to American pop culture and the roles of modern technology and social media. Students use their creativity and storytelling skills to create a documentary style recording of a dish that tells their unique cultural story.

Graphic Design Advertisement

ENGL021P: Visual Literacy & Storytelling- Students demonstrate their knowledge of how fashion reflects and narrates American history. Designing advertisements provides the opportunity to use visual compositions to tell a story. Students gain experience with design software Canva, which can be used to create flyers, infographics, and much more.

Please note: Equipment, curriculum, and projects are subject to change and may vary depending on location. Students should consult the most recently published campus catalog for the most up-to-date course information.