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New York Film Academy Reviews: New York City, Los Angeles and Miami

"NYFA was the first exposure I got to any kind of formal education in filmmaking. It was my ABC’s, the first steps I took to make movies professionally ... It was very emotional for me to shoot a scene with De Niro and Ellen Barkin, two legendary New Yorkers, a few blocks from the school. It definitely felt like those two moments in my life, being a film student and directing my dream movie, were connected."

Jonathan Jakubowicz, Director, "Hands of Stone"

Elizabeth Dale  4-Week Acting Florence, Italy

The NYFA program in Florence was an amazing experience to not only enhance and learn about the industry but to make connections and learn from people all over the world. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in extra training to enhance their craft and engage in a new cultural experience.

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Isabelle Ajemian  4-Week Acting Florence, Italy

If you’re looking for that “next step” to further your acting experience, NYFA is the place to learn. Before the 4-Week program in Florence, I was strictly a live theatre actor with an interest in film, but now I leave with film experience, an understanding of cinematography, footage for reels, and network connections with classmates and professors.

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SanNeh Neejay Raikundalia AFA Filmmaking Los Angeles, CA

I would like to thank NYFA once again from the bottom of my heart for providing the most fun and beneficial educational experience I have ever had. The year I spent at NYFA was a kaleidoscope of experiences that developed me as a person as well as an artist.

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Alex Bazalar 4-Week Acting Florence, Italy

I am a 21-year-old Peruvian boy and I’ve been a movie fan practically all my life. However, I can remember perfectly the moment when I could witness the multicolored magic of my favorite film. It taught me about the fools who dream have certain craziness inside their hearts that ache and break in order to see...

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Victoria Bergqvist 1-Year Documentary Los Angeles, CA

I can honestly say that the 1-year Documentary program at NYFA in Los Angeles gave me very well-rounded skills. Although it was an intense program, I learnt how to do literally pretty much everything myself. Meaning; writing, producing, directing, filming, editing and sound mixing. And also...

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Jonathan Jakubowicz Director, "Hands of Stone" Filmmaking New York City

Dear Friends of the Academy. The workshop I did with you was an open door for a career beginning in filmmaking that couldn't have been better. I shot a 35MM documentary on the arrival in Venezuela of two ships filled with Jewish refugees just before WWII. The film has been broadcast on HBO for...

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NIKI LANDELLA 4-Week Musical Theatre Workshop New York City

My experience at the NYFA was without a doubt one of the best things I have ever done for myself, for my spirit, for my artistic process and for my personal and professional development.

I only spent four weeks there and I am an entirely different woman as a result...

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Gloria Fan VP Development, Mosaic Pictures 1-Year Screenwriting Pitch Event at Los Angeles, CA

You've put together an incredible program that allows writers to have the opportunity to learn how it is in the marketplace. I was impressed with the quality of the pitches and how well the students communicated their ideas. It was obvious they had been well-taught.

Ashley Sharpe 1-Year Acting New York City

I can't begin to imagine what my life would be like if it hadn't been for that extraordinary school. I've grown so much as an actress and a person and gained knowledge that I will carry with me for the rest of my days.

Once again thank you to my dear friend...

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Nicholas Viau 1-Year Acting New York City

I am so thankful for the care you put into each and every student that walks into your classroom and for taking me under your wing at NYFA. Thank you for showing me what true passion is and expecting nothing less but the best from me!

Jean Strauss 5-Week Digital Filmmaking Los Angeles, CA

I could not have fathomed how much I would gain from attending NYFA. I never thought that anyone beyond my classmates and family would see my final project, a 13-minute documentary called "The Triumvirate" (made in four days during my final week). But at the encouragement of Matt Arnold and Gordie Haakstad, I...

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Spencer Millman 8-Week Filmmaking New York City

I attended NYFA and I have to say that it was the best experience I have ever had. Not only did it give me a chance to live in New York and meet many people, who I still keep in contact with, but it also opened many doors for my career.

After I finished my two-month course, I...

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Ed La Grant 8-Week Filmmaking New York City

I'd like to take a moment, here at the end of my eight-week course, to compliment you on the excellent "boot camp" filmmaking workshop you've put together at the NYFA.

I feel my time at your school has been enormously helpful in getting me ready...

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Adriano Wajskol 8-Week Filmmaking

When I finished the 8-Week course, I came home with my 12-minute, 16mm film in my hands and sent it directly to the Venice Film Festival, where it had been accepted. The film then received one Jury Prize and one Audience Choice Award at the Capalbio Film Festival in Tuscany, after which it was invited to several festivals in Canada, Turkey, France...

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ALVARO INSAUSTI 12 Week Evening Filmmaking South Beach, Miami

I would like to thank you all for dedicating your time, passion and knowledge to us. My experience in NYFA Miami was great, and I'm sure we'll continue working together to promote and elevate the film industry in this wonderful city.

SAMANTHA XIAO 1 Week Acting South Beach, Miami

Thank you, Cristina (Martin). I'm in NY now but I really enjoyed your class and it has inspired me to take more acting classes in NY with NYFA. Your authentic approach to acting really spoke to me from my gut to how I act.

Andrea Arizaga 1-Year Acting New York City

I would like to thank you for this experience, the first semester has offered me great teachers, classmates, person and professional growth. I'm very happy with the program.

Kena Tangi Dorsey MFA in Filmmaking Los Angeles, CA

I have many fond memories at NYFA, but one of the things that I found so wonderful in my experience at the New York Film Academy’s MFA Directing program was the diversity of backgrounds that the students brought with them.

You had some that entered the program with...

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Rob Tate Filmmaking New York City

It's been about seven years since I took the advanced course in filmmaking at NYFA. Since that time, my primary job has been a film editor, and I now have over 10 features and numerous shorts that I have edited. Many have played some of the world's premier festivals such as Sundance, Rotterdam, SXSW, Montreal, Berlin, and others. Currently...

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Milovan Radovic

In a recent interview for a Peruvian film website (, award-winning television advertising director, Milovan Radovic, talked about the impact the New York Film Academy has had on his career:

"When I was younger, learning filmmaking was a problem and no one could tell me what I needed to do in order to become a film director. It was as if you needed to be chosen by God...

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M Mahal 1-Year Filmmaking Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to once again thank the New York Film Academy for helping me launch my career. Three months after graduating the one-year program at Los Angeles, I became a producer for Adelphia and Time Warner Cable. For the past two years I have contracted my fellow NYFA classmates for various paying crew positions. I have over 100+...

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Stephen Susco Writer of "The Grudge," "The Grudge II," "Pulse"

I have been participating in NYFA events for a couple of years now, and I am always impressed by the caliber of the students and the quality of the teachers. I would recommend NYFA to anyone who is serious about breaking into the industry!

Kfir Yefet Filmmaking New York City

After submitting the films I had made at NYFA to Channel Four (UK), I was invited to direct an 11-minute film as part of the network's season. The knowledge and confidence I had gained at NYFA undoubtedly fed into the film and helped make it the success it has become. The film, "It's Not Unusual," has won the British Academy Award (BAFTA) for Best Short Film.

Sujit Chawla Filmmaking New York City

I kept with my faith, pushed harder and was accepted into the New York International Film Festival where my film “Emulsion” was screened twice throughout the week to packed theaters. There were roughly 150 films being screened at this event. Then, I was hit with bigger news that my film was selected into the Cannes Film...

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Leslie Carvalho Filmmaking

I'm really thrilled to keep in touch with all of you who inspired me to make my first feature film. I am happy to say "The Outhouse" was the official Indian entry to Cannes. I am also the recipient of two Best New Director Awards at the national and international levels. All this happened due to NYFA.

Jesper Kristiansen Filmmaking New York City

It's been a beautiful summer here in Denmark. Right now, I'm working as a freelancer for the United International Pictures Denmark, in their publicity department. So far, I've been a part of movies such as "Gladiator," "Shrek," "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," "MI:2," "The Fast and the Furious," "Traffic," "The Mummy Returns"...

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Lisa Banzali Filmmaking New York City

After graduating from NYFA, I immediately got a job as a second assistant director on an independent film with David Klein (cinematographer of "Chasing Amy," "Mallrats, and "Clerks"). I was also production coordinator for another film, two specs for Coca-Cola, and a music video.

Lang Franz-Rudolf Filmmaking

I am sending you to let you know what I've been up to since I went back home to Paris, France. I went back to school to study executive production and script writing. I started to work on different short films as an executive producer and director's assistant.

I am now working for a film production...

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Neil Stephens Filmmaking New York City

About two weeks after my time at NYFA, I was immediately employed as an editor at The Image Bank, the largest stock footage company in the world and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Eastman Kodak Company. They represent over 350 cinematographers, have 75 offices in 31 countries around the world, and license...

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Wyndham Price Filmmaking

The course at NYFA kick-started me into understanding some of the vernacular necessary to embark on a journey as a filmmaker. Filmmaking is the most humbling feeling anyone could experience -- partly because one quickly discovers one's fallibility, but more importantly because making a film is a group activity which benefits from input from all members of the...

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Tony Liano Filmmaking New York City

Nine weeks ago I didn't know an f-stop from a backstop, and five days ago I finished an 8-minute short which I intend to submit to festivals.

I'm writing to say that NYFA is a tight ship and I loved every minute of my coursework. The instructors served as an ensemble...

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Claude Khoury Filmmaking

I'm now working in the Lebanese American University as a teaching assistant. I teach students TV production courses and editing. That's not all. I'm now working on a TV pilot for a sitcom. I wrote the episode, and got approval to go ahead with the pilot.

Malini Shankar Digital Filmmaking New York City

I had 13 years of experience as a freelance environmental journalist in India. I thought that experience could be honed with new skills and a short-term course, and in such a prestigious institute, it was precisely what I needed. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I met some great people and, believe me, every single task...

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Simon Park Filmmaking

Soon after the program, I went over to Korea and worked on a Korean feature as a set editor. The title of the movie is "Friends." The movie was a huge hit and broke all the box office records; and now I'm getting a lot of calls and offers from Korean productions.

Danielle Childress 1-Year Screenwriting Los Angeles, CA

My screenwriting instructors have provided me with priceless information regarding screenwriting and the industry around it. The one-year program leaves you well-rounded and confident about your skills as a writer. I could not have asked for better instructors. Not only were they extremely knowledgeable about the...

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Glenn De Guzman 1-Year Screenwriting Los Angeles, CA

Helpful criticism, realistic demands and real concern about our stories gave me confidence, pushed me to keep writing and taught me all the tools I need to build my story … What a team! The thing that I treasure from the class was the realization that I can write. They helped me find the writer in me.

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Debra Batey 1-Year Screenwriting Los Angeles, CA

There are few special events in life that surpass expectation. The 1-Year Screenwriting Program at Los Angeles has been one of them for me. It’s been a banner year!

Stuart Kaufman 8-Week Filmmaking New York City

Since attending your two-month beginner workshop a few years ago, I've gone on to a career in film lighting. Following is a list of most of the projects I've worked on:

- “Agnostic Front” - Music Video - MBS Prod. - MTV Top 100...

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Alexandre David 8-Week Filmmaking Sao Paulo, Brazil

I am proud to be an alumnus of the New York Film Academy Advanced Filmmaking Workshop. Since I've come back to Sao Paulo, Brazil, I've worked at HBO for two years and I now work at Columbia TriStar International Television (a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company) as a production supervisor in the Channels...

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Marilyn Sadler 4-Week Filmmaking New York City

I took the 16mm filmmaking workshop. I have since sold a pre-school show to the Disney Channel called "Handy Manny." Although it's an animated show, I learned so much about just general storytelling at the NYFA. Thank you!

Kristen Ellingson Filmmaking

I'm still working as a screenwriter. My first teleplay was just optioned by Goldie Hawn's company.

Don Boner 4-Week Filmmaking New York City

It is hard to believe that it was three years ago when I took your wonderful four-week film production workshop. So much, so very much has happened since then. Many people have asked for my impression of your program and I always -- and without hesitation -- recommend your programs. The four weeks I spent there...

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S. Catherine Aigner Acting Princeton University

I am back home and trying to unite all my thoughts about the weeks I spent in Princeton, doing the acting program. All the hours away from Salzburg made me rich in my mind and still occupy my soul. My heart and my mind seem to still be away. I miss the people, I miss the classes and I miss the work...

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Lana Osicka 4-Week Acting Princeton University

I was enrolled in your workshop from July to August of 2003. I learned about movement, film and television, monologues, comedy and improvisation, and scene study. I even starred in several student films. I learned so much that I never knew about the art of acting...

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Russell Ince 8-Week Screenwriting Los Angeles, CA

... With regards to my screenplay, I owe an awful lot to you. After two more re-writes and some lengthy editing, it all fell into place. I have three agents in London interested in representing me and am still waiting to here from a few others, so that is brilliant!

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Linda Courtemanche 1-Week Digital Movie Camp

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you last week and I can't tell you how fantastic an experience I had in the one-week workshop!

The knowledge and level of craft of the teachers combined with the communal enthusiasm everyone on staff has for filmmaking delivered an experience far beyond my expectations...

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Matthew MacCarthy 1-Year Filmmaking New York City

I had been studying and practicing still photography for over 10 years, and had been a grip on three features by the time I started at the NYFA. I wanted to let you know what I have been up to for the past 10 years in case you ever wondered if anything you taught us actually stuck...

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Von Bowser BFA in Acting for Film South Beach, Miami

The New York Film Academy (NYFA) in my opinion isn’t just a college of fine arts, its a college of life. My experience has been rewarding and challenging at the same time...

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ANONYMOUS 1-Year Acting for Film Conservatory New York City

I am extremely happy at NYFA and I couldn't be more excited about studying here! This Academy was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me and I am very grateful for everything I've been learning in here. I feel myself growing and improving each day, each class, and that is priceless.

ANONYMOUS 1-Year Acting for Film Conservatory New York City

Thank you for creating this wonderful, safe and demanding work environment at your school. I am delighted that I get to learn from such great instructors.

Please Note: NYFA does not represent that these are typical or guaranteed career outcomes nor does it have a career placement office. The success of our alumni is a testament to their hard work, talent and circumstances.
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