Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, How It Was Versus How It’s Going

April 8, 2022

Well Potterheads, the time has almost come. In a couple of weeks, the next installment in the Fantastic Beasts series, The Secrets of Dumbledore will finally come to cinemas in the United States. It’s been roughly 4 years since The Crimes of Grindelwald with not much in between to quell the sheer anticipation for this film. But for those who don’t know what to expect of the new installment, let’s see if we can’t help you on your way. 

Concern Amongst The Fandom

Isn’t there always? All the same, its perfectly natural for fans to feel concern. An article from The Guardian pulls no punches, as it calls to mind the some of the issues a fan might have had with The Crimes of Grindelwald. Suffice it to say, it appears that it is up to The Secrets of Dumbledore to steer the franchise back in the right direction. According to the same article, the new film will be returning to Hogwarts once more, perhaps for nostalgic value of some kind. Whether or not this move achieves what some hope it will achieve, remains to be seen. 

Where the plot is concerned, it looks like one of the more important points of the movie will be to discovering the true identity of a character by the name of Credence Barebone. Speculations (amongst the characters too) are in full swing, with theories from him being Dumbledore’s long lost brother to being Leta Lestrange’s long lost brother. Whatever the case may be, we may finally find out when Secrets of Dumbledore comes out. 

Then of course, we also have Newt Scamander returning to help deal with the nefarious Grindelwald and the forces he has organized up to this point. Clearly this is the latter’s next big bid in order to wrest control of the Wizarding World at large once and for all. A grand fight it is what it is sure to be.

The Verdict?

Speaking of things remaining to be seen, we do have some initial reviews of the film floating around out there. According to some early viewers, there’s plenty of good things to say. An article from Digital Spy has comments that range from “an improvement on the sequel”, to “Fantastic Beasts 3 rectifies fans biggest qualms with [Fantastic Beasts 2]”, to even hailing the director as someone who has “miraculously salvage[d] a sinking ship”. 

It’s looking pretty good for Potterheads out there right now, with something rightfully exciting to look forward to. From what the reviews are saying, it appears The Secrets of Dumbledore has found a way to both answer the questions fans have had while also catering to some of the more nostalgic aspects of the the series. All in all, the new Wizarding World film looks like it is sure to be a fun time for those that are heavily invested in the story as it has been told thus far (there’s hope yet!). Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore releases April 15th, 2022 in theaters.