Interview With Trang Tran: NYFA Alumni & Photographer For Intel & Elle Vietnam

June 16, 2014

Trang Tran

NYFA: Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself and your background?

Trang Tran: My name is Trang Tran (people also know me as Trang J. An). Born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam. I am among the very first students of the NYFA photography program (class 1.0 as we called it). I spent my second year as the TA for the courses. It was the best two years of my life. I’m now back in Vietnam, working as a fulltime photographer/videographer for Intel and also operating my own commercial photography studio on the side.

NYFA: Your father is a photographer. How has he inspired you to pursue photography and develop your own voice?

TT: Growing up very closely with my dad has definitely had a big influence on me and my passion for photography. I can still remember vividly my childhood playing with his Leica film cameras, having so much fun in his darkroom. My dad always supports me 100%. When I decided to put on hold on my career in advertising (I have been a very successful career as a copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather) and dedicate two years of my life for photography, and later, turn photography as my full-time job, my dad has always had my back and been a much-needed support system.

NYFA: What drew you to NYC to study photography at NYFA?

TT: When I think of photography, New York is always the first city that pops up in my mind. I was also considering other schools (SVA, NYU, etc.) but at that time, what NYFA offers (short term but hands on program) was what I was looking for. Plus, I got a scholarship from the school. How could I say no to that?

NYFA: What opportunities are available to photographers in Vietnam that might not be available elsewhere?

TT: Vietnam is an emerging market. What that translates to is: more shooting opportunities for young photographers. There are more and more global brands/magazines entering Vietnam. As long as you have talent and the dedication to push forward and present yourself well, the sky is the limit! Think about all those top magazines: shooting for Elle might be a long term goal for many photographers. That goal of mind came true instantly when I moved back to Vietnam.

NYFA: You shoot across a variety of genres, including fashion, commercial, and portraiture. Do you feel you’re time at NYFA helped you to master a variety of styles?

TT: NYFA has definitely helped me develop myself as a very well-rounded photographer who can feel confident shooting in any genre. But each photographer’s learning curves do not stop as soon as he/she graduates. I still learn/improve every day from each shoot/each project/working with each client/magazine.

NYFA: What did you learn at NYFA that has helped you to acquire such an impressive list of clients that includes Elle Vietnam, AXE, and Aquafina?

TT: The ability to develop your own style (one that helps you stand out among others) and to build a strong portfolio that is appealing to clients. The ability to tailor your portfolio when you need to pitch for a project. There is never a generic portfolio that works for all clients. Knowing how to tweak it, and how to represent your own ‘brand’ is key.

NYFA: What was your favorite aspect of your Photography Program at NYFA?

TT: What I truly enjoyed the most is the close connection between our instructors and the students. It goes beyond class hours. Whenever I had any technical questions, regardless of time and distance, I can always ask for guidance and advice from my teachers. That is still valid until today. Also, at the end of the day, it is a very diverse program, whether you love medium format or digital, you love fine art or documentary, you prefer digital or printing, you’ll find what you love in this program.

NYFA: In what ways do you think NYFA helped you to develop business skills to succeed as a professional photographer?

TT: We were taught how to take care of the business aspects of this field: from how to develop as a consistent ‘brand’ of your own (building a website, business cards, leaflets, print portfolio, business registration, etc.) how to have a successful pitch , how to work with clients during the shoots to guarantee the best outcome.

NYFA: Is photography your full-time job? If not, what else do you to do to help realize your goals as a photographer?

TT: It is my full time job now. I currently work for Intel as a full time photographer/videographer.

NYFA: Where would you like to see yourself as a photographer in five years?

TT: Running my own studio commercially and still get room (to breathe haha) to shoot my personal projects/things I care and am passionate about.

NYFA: Any additional pieces of advice you would like to give to NYFA photography students?

TT: Never stop looking for inspiration and photographers that you admire. Assist, assist, and assist. You can learn tremendously when assisting other great photographers!

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