Good Samaritans Jump into Action in Los Angeles

August 8, 2014

New York Film Academy students are often told to find compelling film stories in the news, but it’s rare when our students become the news. Two days ago, while walking down a Hollywood street, two 4th semester NYFA AFA Acting students, Mario Lozano and Kelly Auble, heard screaming coming from a nearby hotel. A mother and her two children were drowning in the hotel pool. A third and fourth child stood by the pool, screaming. Without hesitation, both NYFA students went into action.

“I believe Kelly jumped into the pool and helped pull out the bodies and administered CPR,” said NYFA Instructor, Brian Beery. “Mario stood by and protected the kids and the father, who later returned to the hotel.”

It’s wonderful hearing about how heroic our students can be! You can see Mario and Kelly in this KTLA video news clip below.