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New York Film Academy (NYFA) Graphic Design Graduates Reflect On Their School Year


The Graphic Design School at New York Film Academy (NYFA) is committed to imparting the expertise and experience necessary to develop the next generation of well-trained and successful designers. Students are prepared for an industry that has grown exponentially since the turn of the century, with more opportunities than ever for skilled graphic designers to find professional work while also expressing themselves in an artistic, creative fashion.

Through intensive in-class instruction and hands-on education from a seasoned faculty of working graphic designers, students gain a fluency in industry-standard software and equipment that will help them compete across a variety of industries in the design field.

Three recent graduates of the NYFA Graphic Design School have spent the past year learning and improving on these skill sets, and have built themselves impressive portfolios as they start their professional careers as designers.

NYFA spoke with these grads—Carl Dempsey, Cheryl Lin, and Jose Taira—about their time at the NYFA Graphic Design School:

Graphic Design Graduation 2019

New York Film Academy (NYFA): What drew you to the New York Film Academy Graphic Design program?

Cheryl Lin (CL): I previously attended NYFA’s 4-week photography program and really enjoyed the courses. After my last year of college, I decided to deepen my knowledge in design, as I had majored in fashion business back in college—I thought graphic design was something that always sparked my interest.

My love for art and design really inspired me to enroll in the course. I always enjoyed beautifully designed things so I was able to collect a collection of wrappers throughout the years. I really wanted to create products and designs that people want cherish for a long time.

Carl Dempsey (CD): I actually found the program when searching for accelerated graphic design programs. It seemed most fitting after [NYFA Chair of Graphic Design] Debra Drodvillo and I spoke on the phone and I saw it would be tailored to my needs. 

NYFA: How has your experience been in the program?

Jose Taira (JT): More than I expected, the teacher were great, you can see that they know about the field. 

CD: I’ve learned an immense amount of varied skills. It has changed my entire perspective on the world. It sparked interests in me that I did not have before. 

CL: The program is amazing! I’m very happy I was able to keep up and grasp so many design concepts and strategies in a short amount of time.

Graphic Design Graduation 2019

NYFA: How would you describe the NYFA Graphic Design faculty?

CL: The teachers are fantastic! They are really helpful and give us the right amount of feedback. They always manage to leave room for our minds to be creative and explore new ideas.

CD: Experienced industry professionals who understand what is needed to succeed in the industry. They all are really good people who want the best for you. 

JT: It’d a small faculty, but they have all the knowledge of what you need to be successful in the graphic design field. 

NYFA: What were some of your favorite projects in the Graphic Design program?

CD: My favorite projects we worked on: book covers, climate week posters, and the “how to” video. 

JT: Elaborate a magazine, animation, and branding.

CL: One of my favorite projects has to be the editorial design project; designing a magazine from scratch and curating your own selection of images really trained my eye and taught me to pay extreme attention to detail.

NYFA: Has the program exposed you to the larger Graphic Design industry in New York City?

JT: Yes, we went to several companies like Lippincott, Gensler, and Penguin, and we also met Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilić, two of the greatest graphic designers in New York.

CL: Yes, definitely. I didn’t know there were so many design firms in the city; I also was not aware that graphic design is such a broad field. It’s amazing!

CD: I’ve been introduced to events and people I would have never been able to have met outside of the program. It’s broadened my perspective.

Graphic Design Graduation 2019

NYFA: Do you feel prepared to enter the Graphic Design industry?

CD: One hundred percent. I know my capabilities and what is expected. I am excited to get the ball finally rolling. 

JT: Yes I do, they teach us everything that’s trending in the graphic design field.

CL: I definitely feel excited to get out into the field and start creating … I’m one hundred percent ready to face all the obstacles ahead of me.

NYFA: What are your goals upon completion of the NYFA Graphic Design 1-year conservatory?

JT: Get a good job and keep learning,

CD: Hopefully get a job in motion graphics and continue to do what I love to do. 

CL: Getting a chance to work at MoMA or 2×4 is on my list of goals. I also really would love to create a book cover for an author of any sort, as well as partner with filmmakers to design their title sequence and movie poster.

New York Film Academy congratulates the graduates of the NYFA Graphic Design 1-year Conservatory and wishes them the best of success as they grow and expand their careers and artistic horizons!