NYFA Alumni to Showcase Photography Work at Brooklyn’s Photoville


UPDATE: Photoville was a tremendous success, with thousands of photography enthusiasts on-hand for the five days of exhibitions. Be sure to check out the photos from our event, HERE.


Brooklyn’s waterfront photography exhibition, Photoville, which is free and open to the public, will be returning for its fifth year. The event will take place between September 21-25 and will include an exhibition of artwork from New York Film Academy Photography alumni, representing a variety of countries and cultural identities from all around the world.


The alumni’s work will not only occupy a unique space in culture and time, but will also testify to the expansive range of approaches to photographic expression that NYFA students explore — from fine art to commercial photography (not forgetting the fine line in between).

NYFA’s faculty actively works with the students to develop and broaden their diverse interests, preparing them to emerge as contemporary image-makers in a rapidly changing and ever-expanding field. With the support of the faculty and their peers, our students have created a public art exhibit of exceptional freshness, quality, and breadth.

Alongside traditional treatments of portraiture and still life, this group of artists has also experimented with abstraction, digital manipulation, staged photography, and a host of other possibilities. These experiences enrich their dexterity and vision as they work to discover their unique voices within the world of photography.

ana paula tizzi

“Open Doors” by Ana Paula Tizzi

“My project is called ‘Open Doors,'” said NYFA alumna, Ana Paula Tizzi. “Early in 2015 I spent three days driving around the Dominican Republic in order to get to know about the people and their life. While I was exploring the area, I realized how open they were with me — even though many of them had never even seen a camera before. This project is about how beautiful life can be; it only depends how you see it. ‘Open Doors’ taught me to put colors in my life, even when everything seems to be black and white.”

sana abedi

“Abstraction in Isolation #5” by Sana Abedi

Another photograph that will be on display is Sana Abedi’s “Abstraction in Isolation #5,” a photographic exploration through abstraction of bridges. “Bridges represent balance, structure and connectivity,” says the former NYFA photography student, Sana Abedi. “The project draws a simile between the bridge and social norms. The bridge is synonymous with rigid social structures. From a certain perspective both seem daunting and imposing. However, an examination of both from more intimate perspective reveals intricacies.”

The photograph ‘Abstract in Isolation 5’ is schematic, inviting viewers to enter a space of speculation. The immense scale and physicality of the bridge is fractured into smaller constituent fragments. The visual narrative is structured through the formal element of texture, line, color and shape.

tatyana prisco

“Elements” by Tatyana Prisco

NYFA alumna Tatyana Prisco’s “Elements” piece was taken within a mall, which she recalls at the point in time where she knew she wanted to become an Architectural Photographer. Prisco now owns a photography business in Colorado.

Below are all of the photographs that will be on display:


Alexandra Schaede

Amina Al Huqail

Amina Al Huqail

Andreas Poupoutsis- Hidden Identities

Andreas Poutpoutsis


Ana Paula Tizzi


Becca Howland

Becca Howland


Copy of _VIK8981-Edit

Viktor Klimenko

Copy of c-Zjiang-13

Zhuoqun Jiang

Copy of Copy of Brown_S_Andaz_01

Sean Brown


Copy of Kimico Chen

Kimico Chan


Copy of Meza_A_Thesis_002

Arturo Meza


Daniel Muccigrossi_a

Daniel Muccigrossi


Hanna Cowart 2

Hanna Cowart



John Tona


Joohee Han-3

Joohee Han



Lotta Lemetti



Lotta Lemetti



Maciej Stachowicz


Mark_Brennan copy

Mark Brennan


Meng Meng_Lu

Meng Meng Lu


Polina_Krasovicka copy

Polina Krasovicka


Sana_Abedi3 copy

Sana Abedi


Sayana Cairo


Tatyana Prisco


Zhuoqun Jiang

Internationally renowned photographer Ralph Gibson, Chair of NYFA Department of Contemporary Photography, will be making a special appearance on Friday evening from 6pm-8pm and on Saturday from 12pm-4pm!

Join us and celebrate our students’ work at Photoville, Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, from Wednesday, Sept. 21 to Sunday, Sept. 25!


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