New York Film Academy (NYFA) Broadcast Journalism Department Visits ‘Rachael Ray’

March 7, 2019

There is an old song (a very old song) that proclaims that “everything old is new again.” Take, for example, the morning news programs. They have been around forever. Yet last week BuzzFeed hired veteran New York TV news producer David Hatcher to executive produce their morning show. 

Of course, they don’t actually broadcast it. It is distributed via Twitter, and features items trending on that platform. The lesson here is that the digital production skills you learn at New York Film Academy (NYFA) can be used in a wide variety of places.

Someone who can attest to that is Alexandra Saeys. The NYFA grad is now creating branded content for a Madrid-based production company. In her own words, she’s “doing videos for brands and companies, so they can promote themselves in media and social networks.” 

It’s an another way you can utilize a skill set that encompasses digital production.

Studying in New York City opens up a whole world of possibilities. It’s one of the media capitals of the world. What happens here has an impact everywhere. (I know, spoken with all the humility of a real New Yorker…) 

Last week we took a field trip to see how the popular Rachael Ray Show is produced. Now in its fourteenth season, this chat/lifestyle/cooking show continues to be an audience favorite. 

We got to go behind the scenes, as well as see how the show is produced from the control room.