How to Find Time to Write

December 7, 2023

Many accomplished writers advocate continuous practice as the most effective method for enhancing one’s writing skills. Simply resolving to write when convenient often leads to perpetual postponement for many aspiring writers. To overcome this hurdle, consider classic strategies to learn how to find time to write.

How to Find Time to Write: Scheduling Screenwriting

By implementing timeless tips, you can cultivate a habit of regular writing. Here are some of our favorite tips.

Create Actionable Goals

Whether you hope to finish your movie-length drama script or just want to write a one-act play, setting reasonable goals can help you finally finish any writing project. While free writing is fun and great for generating ideas, having short and long-term goals can ensure that you finish your creations and beat writer’s block.

Your goals can be based on a daily word count or how long you should write daily. Make sure you set yourself a goal that is specific and doable!

Set a Consistent Time to Write Daily

Routine is a writer’s best friend, believe it or not!

Writing for as little as five or 10 minutes daily can help keep the ideas flowing. This technique works best when you set your writing time to the same time per day. If you are most alert at 8 a.m., then write at 8 a.m. If you like to write at night, then write at night.

No matter what, keep it consistent for the best results — and write every day!

Keep a Notebook Around … Always

Think about all of the time you spend waiting at the doctor’s office or before a class starts. You have a lot more spare time than you might think!

If you take public transportation or carpool often, spend the time of the ride writing down your latest ideas and drafts. Jot down some dialogue ideas when you overhear interesting snippets of conversation around you or see something inspiring.

Devote a Space Specifically for Writing

It’s tempting to tell yourself that you can just write your next script while passively watching television, but let’s be honest: you probably will not write at all. Instead of trying to cram writing in alongside other activities, carve out an oasis of space and time strictly for your writing.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, play your favorite music or write silently. Just like keeping a consistent goal and time for your writing helps you dedicate time and mental clarity to writing, creating a writing space strictly for writing will help you eliminate distractions. Do not allow your cell phone or pet to interrupt your flow!

Soon you’ll be looking forward to shutting yourself away to create new scripts every chance you can.

Find Community Online

Enrolling in an online screenwriting course like those at the New York Film Academy is another great way to boost your skills, keep yourself motivated, plug into the community, and motivate yourself to finish projects on time.

You’ll be receiving the expert instruction of working, professional screenwriters, but with the bonus of just enough flexibility to carve out your writing schedule. Best of all, there’s an online screenwriting workshop to help you develop your script. While making time for writing is important, having a support system to help you grow unleashes your fullest potential.

Immerse Yourself in Screenwriting at NYFA

The New York Film Academy immerses screenwriting students in an interactive curriculum. From small writing workshops to teaming up with filmmakers, the program is perfect for taking talent to the next level.