Summer Camps in Paris, France

NYFA programs will not be offered in Paris in Summer 2022, but we look forward to returning to Paris in 2023.

Paris is an incredibly exciting place to live in and make films. It is the birthplace of the movies and the city that still loves them the most. A century after the first experiments with motion pictures took place there and almost 50 years since the French New Wave changed the way we look at movies, our students continue the tradition of capturing this city and the stories it generates on film. We have found that New York Film Academy students thrive in Paris, and for many it becomes second home.

Since 1998, the Academy’s held Film and Acting Teen Summer Camps in Paris at the National Film School of France (La Fémis), one of world’s most elite film institutes.

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La Fémis is located in the historic Pathé Studios in the 18th arrondissement (district). It provides us with spacious classrooms, meeting spaces, shooting space, state-of-the-art screening rooms, and most important, a student lounge with an excellent café au lait machine. La Fémis is in Montmartre, which has always been the neighborhood of choice for young artists and actors. It is within walking distance of Sacre Coeur, the glorious cathedral with a hilltop view of all Paris. Superior fruit markets, bakeries, brasseries, and restaurants abound in the neighborhood. The High School student residence, La Residence Montmartre is a short walk from our school. It is a three-star hotel which offers comfortable apartments with cable, internet, maid service, and daily continental breakfast delivered to the room. The other great neighborhoods, museums, and sites of Paris are easily accessible from Montmartre.


NYFA Summer Camp students shoot on the Paris streetsUndoubtedly, Paris rivals New York as a crossroads of the world. The city has dozens of unique, bustling neighborhoods, from the stately intersections of stone buildings around the Place Vendôme to the many immigrant neighborhoods that brim with shops and restaurants. Paris is a diverse place, where people from all countries have come to visit or to make their homes. Paris is renowned for its museums, monuments, theaters, libraries, art galleries, public sculptures, and parks. The places ring out like a list of the world’s wonders. Notre Dame Cathedral. The Eiffel Tower. The Arc de Triomphe. And in recent decades, the pipe-wrapped facade of the Centre Georges Pompidou and I. M. Pei’s glass pyramid at the Louvre add to the city’s splendor.


Students reside at the Residence Montmartre, which is a 15-minute walk to our classrooms and screening facility at La Fémis. New York Film Academy counselors live in the Residence, generally one counselor on each floor, as does the Director of the Program. Counselors do a nightly bed-check, and enforce a strict nightly curfew. No one other than New York Film Academy Teen Camps staff and students are allowed in the students’ hotel rooms, and students are forbidden to go into rooms occupied by anyone other than NYFA High School Students. These rules are strictly monitored and enforced for students’ safety. Keys are left at the front desk when students leave the Residence, and are given out only to the students occupying the rooms.

With prior written permission from parents, students are permitted to leave the residence or the campus of La Fémis in groups of two or more. Additionally, students are required to sign in and out with their counselors and must indicate where they will be and when they will return. We highly recommend students purchase or rent a French mobile telephone or chip card in order to be in contact with family and staff at all times.

If any parent requires that their child not be permitted to walk between the residence and the classrooms without a chaperone, please contact the Film Academy and we will make the necessary arrangements. Counselors lead the students to and from the classrooms the first week; however, they generally travel to and from class in groups without a staff member after the first week.

Though France is renowned for its fine wine, we strictly enforce our no alcohol, no drugs policy both on and off the campus and Residency. Should the need arise for medical care, arrangements can be made for an English speaking doctor to come to the Residence, and The American Hospital is staffed with top-rate English-speaking medical staff. Counselors are trained to take no risks with students’ health and will make sure that every health question or complaint is taken seriously. 24-hour pharmacies are located within walking distance of the Residence. We require all students submit their medical insurance information prior to the start of the workshop.

Student productions take place throughout Paris and are done in the presence of a teaching assistant. Evening and weekend activities in and around Paris are organized and supervised by the Film Academy staff.


Although the camp’s daily schedule is demanding, students have time to explore the sights, great boulevards, and charming neighborhoods of Paris in organized evening and weekend activities. Historic sites are abundant throughout the city, from the still-impressive Tour Eiffel, to the breathtaking Notre-Dame which graces the Seine. For the film lover, Paris has more cinemas than any city in the world. Screenings of an incredibly wide range of work proliferate throughout the city. Students can trade thoughts on “cinéma” at Café Les Deux Magots where Hemingway, Cocteau, Sartre, and Picasso had café au lait and croissants.


Due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, NYFA will be unable to offer housing for in-person camps. Families will need to secure their own housing for campers and provide any necessary off-campus supervision, if traveling to a NYFA summer camp from another city, state or country. For additional information about local hotels or other questions, please contact a NYFA Youth Admissions representative at


While continental breakfast is served to our students’ rooms at the Montmartre residence, a conventional meal plan would be blasphemous in our Paris location. Finding your favorite crêperie or the best steak au poivre in your neighborhood is one of the great pleasures and learning experiences of living in Paris. Haute-cuisine and economical eats are to be found on every block of the food capital of the world. Students should budget $20–$35 a day for lunch, dinner, and pastries.