Virtual Reality Projects

Start Your VR Reel at NYFA

In NYFA’s Virtual Reality programs, students establish fundamental concept development and VR design skills. Throughout these hands-on workshops, aspiring visual storytellers create their own interactive VR experiences, games and 360 degree films in a series of hands-on projects. For many virtual reality students, these projects are significant contributions to their reels.

Our VR workshops are available at the NYFA New York campus and are subject to change. The projects listed below are examples of the type of work that VR students complete and not an all-encompassing list. Please note that projects are subject to change. For more information, please see the course catalog.

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The VR workshops are available in two 8-Week programs. Throughout these programs, students learn fundamental creative and technical skills through hands-on projects such as a 360 in One Take and a Final Experience.

Many of our virtual reality students use the workshops to build upon existing experience in game design or filmmaking, however, no experience is required to attend. At the end of these workshops, students have a selection of work they can use to enhance their reel.

360 In One Take (Project #1)

For the 360 In One Take project, students go to a location with a crew and complete a long-take shot. Students then edit and apply a musical track to complement the scene. This hands-on project teaches overall thinking and then blocking in a sphere, since many students have been conditioned to think in rectangular framing. This project encourages them to think outside of the box.

A Story in Sound (Project #2)

The Story in Sound Project provides an opportunity for students to explore sound, and how a rich soundscape truly provides the sense of presence. This project reinforces the importance of sound design, specifically spatialized sound. Using multiple still frames, students create a 2-3 minute video piece that uses spatialized sound to draw the viewer’s attention through the scene.

Collaborative Exercise (Project #3)

Students collaborate on a single narrative video piece between 2-3 minutes in length to explore lighting, production design and blocking. Each student assumes a major role during the shoot and is responsible for a mutual final product. The goal of this project is to introduce students to time-boxed production realities, production roles and group dynamics on set. Students also complete the post production of their own version of the experience.

Final Experience (Project #4)

In this project, VR students create their own concept cinematic VR pieces between 5-6 minutes long. The experience include spatialized sound and no fewer than two characters/subjects. A preproducton book must be submitted and approved by the lead instructor in advance of production. This book includes but is not limited to: a script, a script outline/beat sheet, storyboards, lighting and sound design lists and diagrams, and equipment lists.

Please note: Equipment, curriculum, and projects are subject to change and may vary depending on location. Students should consult the most recently published campus catalog for the most up-to-date curriculum.