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NYFA Gives Back to the Community

Smiling NYFA special projects students film a special project scene outside, with an HD camera, boom, and headphones.

Community Projects at the New York Film Academy

NYFA students pose as part of the Young Storytellers program New York Film Academy feels a responsibility toward the many gifted teenagers and young adults, passionate about the Writing, Visual, and Performing Arts, who are not given the same opportunities to express their voices, and realize their dreams.

For over a decade, New York Film Academy has collaborated with non-profits in Los Angeles to open doors for inner city youth who may not otherwise see beyond the end of the block. "The number one thing that keeps poverty going is that these kids have talent but no contacts. In New York Film Academy's program, they made connections with people who wanted to see them succeed," says Young Storytellers' Director Bill Thompson. Aside from its scholarship programs, New York Film Academy provides resources, training programs, networking opportunities, and award programs that serve the needs of disadvantaged youth.

New York Film Academy Disclaimer
New York Film Academy Disclaimer