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Over-the-shoulder view as a New York Film Academy student director inspects the outdoor forest scene in his camera monitor.

Mission & Purpose


The New York Film Academy seeks to promote and advance the art of Visual Storytelling (Film and related media including staged performance) as a transformational and ennobling vehicle to both the creator and audience, with a profound impact on individuals, communities and global society.


NYFA propagates visual literacy and visual storytelling through hands-on intensive learning. It seeks to make visual storytelling education accessible to the most diverse, international, and broadest possible spectrum of students, and to hone the skills of future professionals so that they may one day serve the visual storytelling arts as industry leaders.


Visual communication plays an increasingly vital role in our globally connected lives. Motion picture content in its innumerable manifestations has entered virtually every aspect of daily life, work, culture, and our constructed environment. Indeed, visual communication is fast becoming the predominant form of expressive communication worldwide. Visual storytelling, in all its historical and evolving forms, has the unique power of allowing us to experience the life of others through the imagination and perspective of the storyteller.

The ability to effectively harness this means of expression will be ever more essential to a successful member of the creative industries. In order to serve aspiring visual storytelling artists, educators in this field should act as conservator and innovator, passing on the accrued knowledge, techniques, and methods of the art while incorporating new technology and innovations.

We believe the process of creation itself can be ennobling to the artist, and the artist’s creation can have a profound impact on others. By giving the audience the chance to experience the world from the perspective of another, visual stories have the power to create empathy, bridge differences, and open new avenues of thought. Therefore, the motion picture artist has a power and a responsibility. Those who master this form of communication will be instrumental in the development and advancement of society, and institutions that hope to educate and train visual storytellers play an essential role in that same mission.

New York Film Academy Disclaimer
New York Film Academy Disclaimer