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The New York Film Academy's Campuses and Locations


The New York Film Academy is truly a global film school with locations throughout the world where students can study filmmaking, acting, and much more. Each location offers a variety of workshops taught by established professionals that are designed to give students the best possible hands-on education.

New York Film Academy - NYC

New York City Campus

With locations in Union Square and Battery Park, our New York City campuses offer numerous short-term workshops and one- and two-year programs in filmmaking, acting, photography, dance, broadcast journalism, 3D animation, and musical theatre.

Union Square Location
100 E. 17th Street, New York, NY 10003

Battery Park Campus
17 Battery Place, New York, NY 10004

New York Film Academy - Los Angeles

Los Angeles Campus

With facilities adjacent to the Universal Studios backlot, students have the unique opportunity to earn an AFA, BA, BFA, MA, and MFA degree or attend a short-term workshop in a variety of visual storytelling disciplines that include filmmaking, acting, game design, and much more.

3300 Riverside Dr.
Burbank, CA 91505

New York Film Academy - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Campus

In association with the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage, our world-class campus provides students with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to study filmmaking through one-year programs and short-term workshops.

Between Muroor (4th) and Airport Road,
off 15th Street (Next to Abu Dhabi TV and
Sky New Arabia) Abu Dhabi, UAE

New York Film Academy - Sydney

Sydney, Australia

With facilities in Sydney, NYFA in Australia offers both one-year programs and short-term workshops in filmmaking and acting for film.

New York Film Academy Australia
Level 4,
127 Liverpool Street
Sydney NSW 2000

New York Film Academy - Gold Coast

Gold Coast, Australia

With facilities at the Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast, NYFA in Australia offers both one-year programs and short-term workshops in filmmaking and acting for film.

New York Film Academy Australia
Village Roadshow Studios
Entertainment Road, Oxenford, Gold Coast
QLD Australia, 4210

New York Film Academy - South Beach

South Beach, Florida

Study filmmaking, acting for film, and photography in the sunny environs of South Beach through either short-term workshops or one-year programs.

New York Film Academy South Beach
420 Lincoln Road
7th Floor (Penthouse Floor)
Miami, FL 33139

New York Film Academy - Florence

Florence, Italy

Study filmmaking and acting for film in the cradle of the Renaissance with our short-term workshops and one-year programs.

New York Film Academy - Harvard

Harvard University

Students have the opportunity to spend their summers attending one of NYFA’s famous workshops at Harvard University in filmmaking, acting for film, or 3D animation.

New York Film Academy - Disney Florida

Disney Studios, Florida

Our summer workshops in filmmaking and acting provide students with the chance to shoot original productions and study acting on professional movie sets at Disney Studios.

New York Film Academy - Paris

Paris, France

A city that has served as a muse for countless filmmakers, students have the option to spend a summer studying filmmaking and acting in a variety of short-term workshops.

New York Film Academy - Beijing

Beijing, China

In conjunction with CCTV’s China Movie Channel and, students can attend either our 4-Week Hi-Def Filmmaking or Acting for Film Workshops in Beijing, China.

New York Film Academy - Shanghai

Shanghai, China

In conjunction with the Shanghai Theatre Academy, NYFA offers summer workshops for students interested in Hi-Def Filmmaking and Acting for Film.

New York Film Academy - Doha

Doha, Qatar

NYFA has partnered with the Aljazeera Media Training and Development Center to hold its 4-Week Hi-Def Filmmaking Workshop for aspiring filmmakers.

New York Film Academy - Mumbai

Mumbai, India

Home to Bollywood and the world’s largest film industry, students can attend short-term workshops in Hi-Def Filmmaking, Acting for Film, and Photography.

New York Film Academy - Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia

Spend your summer in this beautiful and unique city studying filmmaking in NYFA’s 4-Week Hi-Def Filmmaking Workshop.

New York Film Academy - Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan

Students can attend one of our Hi-Def Filmmaking Workshops in historic Kyoto and film their productions at the legendary Toei Studios.

New York Film Academy - Moscow

Moscow, Russia

Steeped in history and famous sights, NYFA in Moscow provides students the chance to study filmmaking, digital editing, producing, and screenwriting in short-term workshops.

New York Film Academy - Seoul

Seoul, Korea

In a city that has no shortage of incredible locations for shooting, students are able to study and practice digital filmmaking in our 4-week workshop.

New York Film Academy - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Located in the heart of Amsterdam in the Beurs van Berlage building, students study and practice filmmaking in this historic and beautiful city.

Take a NYFA workshop in Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

With breathtaking locales, an amazing culture, and a rich history, Rio De Janeiro is a place like no other to enroll in one of NYFA's workshops.

Study acting and filmmaking with NYFA in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

In association with the renowned Bonapassa audiovisual company, students can enroll in NYFA's filmmaking and acting for film workshops and study in this culturally rich and picturesque city.

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